A white person that owns a coffee beanery, where coffee is brewed. Americans or people who love drinking coffee, a person who drinks way too much coffee. Americans who love coffee or Starbucks.
I love coffee, I'm a coffee beaner. I drink it every day.

Uncle Craig owns a coffee beanery, yup he's a coffee beaner, just kidding.

Americans can't get enough coffee, I guess we're a coffee beaner nation.

Stop drinking so much coffee you coffee beaner.
by Equal crack May 20, 2016
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Man's best friend. A beverage which holds within it, amongst various taste-bud tantalizing substances, the psychoactive stimulant caffeine. Coffee, by virtue of caffeine's stimulating qualities, is considered by many a prerequisite to any productive day. As such it is the most widely consumed psychoactive stimulant on the planet.

Aside from its use as a utility for maintaining consciousness, there is a rich and deep cultural history behind coffee that has flourished throughout the ages, continuing to the present day. Coffee has also been an active social facilitator, with cafes and coffeehouses having been gathering places for various creative types regardless of discipline, particularly in the 20th century, and again, to the present day.

Sadly like all good things of this world, many use coffee as an excuse for snobbery and clique-making, considering particular methods of preparation and appreciation as the magic bullet to coffee enjoyment. You will often find such people peddling their egos to the world in the form of baseless criticism against any coffee that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, along with depreciation of any attempt to convince them otherwise. Like all other forms of bigotry, best dealt with sarcasm and other forms of humor.

You probably hear a lot of talk about coffee either being great or horrible for your health, for a plethora of reasons, but overall the scientific literature on coffee does not conclude if it is ultimately good or bad for the body.
I have serious doubts that I can hold myself together any longer without a cup of coffee

I wake up at six, but the day doesn't start till coffee'oclock!

Man, this morning I was so tired I had to drink three cups of coffee, and driven by my caffeine-buzz, added the 5th definition for coffee on Urbandictionary.com
by Shikee June 19, 2011
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A sacred substance used to awaken half of the U.S. population, especially before one must leave to go to his or her job in the morning. Some do not properly function until they have had their coffee in the a.m. hours of the day.
Gomer: Hey Earl, how you doin?
Earl: *Groan* Ehhhhhhhhh. Drink need coffee yet.
Gomer: Well put, Earl. Well put.
by Beat Master Skizzy Wizzy June 09, 2010
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the drink of gods that gives energy to those in need. now ruined by starbucks because people think that that is really coffee. if you can barley taste the coffee in it, it is not coffee. if you ask for a regular coffee you should get black coffee not coffee with cream and sugar.
man 1: do you like coffee?
man 2: yeah, see my starbucks cup
man 1: starbucks isnt coffee
man 2: yeah it is
man 1: *kills and buries man 2"
by joker515 January 11, 2009
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Nectar of the Gods as given Man by a Mexican on a Donkey.
Give me coffee or I will have a petit mal seizure
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
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An excellent drink for late night runs to a diner. However the drink can easily be destroyed and made into bath water by adding too many creamers. Also some people express there love of coffee in different ways.
by molemon December 02, 2008
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