What we do to most people when they die.
Not to leave a big mess, he decided to barium.
by Penbiks January 18, 2008
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A science reference meaning bad ass.
The chemical symbol for Barium is Ba. Bad ass is also known as BA. Therefore Barium = Bad ass.
Did you see Johnny ride in on that Harley? He's pretty Barium.
by Bought for a Song January 20, 2008
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Friend 1: have you watched bromine barium?

Friend 2: What's that?

Friend 1: Its the chemical formula for Breaking Bad! How stupid can you be?

Friend 2: Chill out man.
by Calex112 February 25, 2022
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During a barium enima procedure the patient can no longer hold the barium within theirselves and it explodes out of their anus and covers the xray technician in a wonderful surprise
The doctor threw up when his technician received an uncommonly high barium enima surprise in the face.
by sevenducksuited March 14, 2010
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