14 definitions by stendhalismo

someone who moves from the northeast to california
packed my car, dropped my ice scraper and chains on the curb, and headed west for good
by stendhalismo May 12, 2005
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someone who scores drugs for pals, until they come to expect it
"I'm not gonna be derek's drug waiter any longer - the dude only ever calls me when he wants to score"
by stendhalismo April 7, 2005
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we're not sure if they were hiding files
by stendhalismo February 22, 2005
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young woman receptionist in a gallery, essentially a gallery ballerina. essentially a slur indicating her youth, inexperience and lack of justification for having attitude while working a menial job, from 'sex in the city'
I'm not going to let some little gallerina make me feel like an idiot for not knowing what gaklyd is - look sweetie, you're just a clerk.
by stendhalismo March 5, 2005
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to lead a woman into prostitution. this is somewhat archaic - term possibly more in use in the 70's-80's
"Like other girls lured into prostitution at a young age, the one known in court only as A.P. will probably suffer for a long time.

And the man who turned her out, putting the runaway on the streets of the District at age 12 to turn tricks, should suffer just as long, a federal judge said yesterday."

usually, when you turn out a girl she becomes your whore, and then you're her pimp.
by stendhalismo April 1, 2006
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nose, according to david sedaris' father
just clock him in the snotlocker and he'll go down like like a pile of bricks!
by stendhalismo February 22, 2005
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when you're so jaded, you've passed to a point beyond bitter - then you're transbitter
"thank you for flying transbitter airlines - we so do not look forward to serving you again soon"
by stendhalismo May 6, 2005
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