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also known as the 'miss america wave', and sometimes as the 'royal wave'
the beauty contestant gave her best miss america wave for the crowd, also known as the parade wave
by stendhalismo November 08, 2005
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a male ('passive') slut, generally one who participates in sex parties with multiple ('dominant') partners. a man who's been had, and often. sexually indiscriminate.
"steve's such a passaroundpartybottom, we won't let him sit on the sofa for fear he'll suck it up"
by stendhalismo September 15, 2009
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flight attendant - refers to slut potential of jobs which involve travel
"the stewardess has a guy in every city - what an air mattress"
by stendhalismo April 07, 2005
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medical terminology: Xray examination of the large intestine (i.e. for polyps) may require the dreaded double threat 'double contrast' barium/ air enema, in which the cleansed colon is rinsed with barium and then inflated with air like a balloon - if the patient is unable to maintain compression of the sphincter to retain the catheter/ split valve/ inflatable buttplug used to supply the barium/ air AND to stopper the anus, and thus sprays a mixture of air, barium and fecal matter under pressure from their anus (under pressure - remember the intestine is inflated with air), it may be known as a 'code brown'. this is one of many reasons Xray techs wear shoe covers.
the patient blew a code brown, and housekeeping spent the rest of the day scrubbing fecal matter out of the light fixture with a small toothbrush
by stendhalismo April 28, 2005
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someone who moves from the northeast to california
packed my car, dropped my ice scraper and chains on the curb, and headed west for good
by stendhalismo May 12, 2005
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also known as 'doris day parking', after the actress who would idle in parking lots waiting for the perfect space
we arrived late but still scored doris day parking
by stendhalismo August 08, 2005
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