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A person, usually female, who acts mainly as a penis receptacle. As with electrical receptacles, cocksockets come in 2 distinct varieties:
1)Standard - average two-holed cocksocket
2)Grounded - cocksockets that take it in the third hole
"(insert name) from (insert sorority abbreviation) is such a cocksocket."

"I grounded that skank last night"
Translation: "I engaged in anal intercourse with that female last night."

"That bitch is grounded."
Translation: "She takes it in the rectum."
by Guy-No March 23, 2008
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complete whore who's only attribute is her ability to have a cock stuffed in her
Larry's mom is a total cocksocket
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
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A girl's asshole--typically a girl with a very attractive butt.
Stephanie has such a nice little ass--I'd like to stretch her sweet little cocksocket.
by Steph M. July 02, 2007
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A slang term for the female genitalia, describing their function in receiving the cock.
Toby: Last night I totally stuck it in Kim's cock socket.
Bryce: I like dudes.
by Kevin Raab June 18, 2008
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a stupid slut who can do nothing but want a big, plump, hard cock in any of her wide, loose, gooshy openings.
OMG! That chick is fucking RAGGED! What a COCKSOCKET!!!
by KneeGrow November 25, 2003
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