5 definitions by Steph M.

A slang term meaning "knee pads". Lewinskies are very useful when giving multiple blowjobs, one right after another.
Janie: How was the party last night?

Stephanie: OMG it was GREAT! I probably sucked off 15 guys. Good thing I was wearing my Lewinskies, otherwise I don't think I could walk today.
by Steph M. October 8, 2007
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See Gaper, definition #5.

Also (verb) to gloryhole a girl is to butt-fuck her, typically with great enthusiasum, thereby leaving her with a gloryhole (and a smile!) as above.
Last night, after a couple of drinks, I was begging Tom to gloryhole me. When we were done, my gloryhole was slobbering cum all down my legs.
by Steph M. July 2, 2007
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A large, thick erect penis--in other words, a horsecock.
Tom used his bungstretcher on my gloryhole last night. It left me with a big drooling gaper--I love it! : )
by Steph M. August 14, 2007
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A girl's asshole--typically a girl with a very attractive butt.
Stephanie has such a nice little ass--I'd like to stretch her sweet little cocksocket.
by Steph M. July 2, 2007
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A warm, yummy mixture of fresh cum and saliva. It's what slobbers down my chin and onto my boobies if I don't swallow every last drop after giving a blowjob.
Janie: Girl, what's that all over the front of your blouse?

Stephanie: Oh, I was giving Tom a blowjob over my lunch hour. He pumped such a big thick load into my throat that I couldn't swallow it all in time. I didn't have time to change blouses, so now I've got cocksuckage all down the front of me.

Janie: Can I lick it off before it dries?
by Steph M. October 8, 2007
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