5 definitions by El Capitain

A woman who likes to take cocks in all her holes. Sometimes all at once sometimes one at a time
You know Taryn, she is a real Cocksocket.

That girl last night got used like a cocksocket.

I have officially turned my wife into a Cocksocket.
by El Capitain July 3, 2018
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A Whore who drains the balls of all their cum with pussy, mouth or Ass. A girl who gives head and swallows. A slut that milks every last drop of cum from you and your buddies.
Let me tell you Kerry is a real Cum Siphon.

My wife is a cum siphon.

Last night we ordered a couple of Cum Siphons for the bachelor party tonight.

Not only is Melissa a real pretty girl, she is also a Cum Siphon.
by El Capitain July 3, 2018
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Is a loose girl, generally into gangbangs and groups sex. Likes to be passed around and used hard by any and all men.
Hey guys let's use Jenny like a Meat Puppet.

I cant believe Fran did all those guys, she is such a Meat Puppet.

Come here and get on your knees for us you Meat Puppet
by El Capitain July 3, 2018
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A party game invented in 1999 by a local hero Thompson. it involves placing objects found in the home during the latter stages of a party on top of who people begin to larry out. whoever makes the victim wake/move (BUCK) is the loser and has to perform a dare
Dude 1: hey man (insert name here) is asleep lets play human buckaroo

Dude 2: yeh man lets but frozen food down his pants
by El Capitain August 15, 2005
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Sheila is a Chinelle.

Did you see that Chinelle.

I'll slap the Chinelles eyes straight.
by El Capitain July 3, 2018
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