A man well schooled and/or trained in the art of sexual stimulation using his penis.
Gloria lusted after James, for she knew that he was an expert cocksman.
by Roscoe Turner November 4, 2003
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One who is handy with the Johnson. A pick-up artist, if you will.
You can say Adam is phoney as hell, but you can't deny he's quite a cocksman. Look at that chick he picked up. WTF? How does he do it?
by Larry Tiita August 1, 2009
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That fruit cake would love to get it on with a skilled young cocksman like Randy.
by Orca January 27, 2003
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One who can execute the art of what ones cock desires at any given time.
"Hey Nicole guess who had sex."
"I did."
"But Lauren I thought you were going to save yourself for marriage, what happnened."
"I was but I don't know, Anthony was so different"
"OH! Anthony, hes not different, He's a COCKSMAN!!!"
by .......JUiCE August 1, 2006
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A man who thinks with his dick first, and his head second.
Why are you surprised that all I think about is sex? I'm not going to apologize. I'm a cocksman!
by morpheus30 July 16, 2010
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A term, popularized by Owen Wilson in the movie; "Wedding Crashers", to identify a man who lives to have sex, usually in the absence of real love. Tends to think with his penis.
"I tried to practice abstinence for a period of time, but I gave up. There are too many sexy ladies, and I'm a cocksman at heart."
by Lauren M January 20, 2007
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A man with exceedingly high pussy-gettin stats. Will likely let someone suck their dick in exchange for a Taco
Distinguished Cocksman Aaron or "Airman" was awarded the Cocksman of the Year.
by Baby Judas April 2, 2013
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