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To lather one's ball sack with peanut butter before placing it in an unsuspecting victim's mouth.
Greg, I'll drink that shot of Wild Turkey, if you can promise me that Tom won't roth me when I'm passed out later.
by Larry Tiita April 13, 2009

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One who is handy with the Johnson. A pick-up artist, if you will.
You can say Adam is phoney as hell, but you can't deny he's quite a cocksman. Look at that chick he picked up. WTF? How does he do it?
by Larry Tiita August 01, 2009

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Fag, homosexual, pole sitter, butt pirate.
I was taking a piss in the urinal at the game and I look over and see some shitstabber staring at my crank.
by Larry Tiita May 11, 2009

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Just about any male from New Jersey. His main topics of conversation are: How many chicks he's banged this summer while weekending at the Jersey Shore, his workout routine, his spray-on tan, or when he's going to see Bon Jovi or Springsteen next. His favorite phrases are: "Yo!" and "Hey, what's up kid?"
Look at that meathead over there with the gallon of gel in his hair and no shirt on. Ten bucks he's a Jersey Douche Bag.
by Larry Tiita September 21, 2009

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A combination of predator and peophile. Often seen strolling naked into a home of what he thought was a 12 year old girl on NBC's To Catch A Predator only to be tackled and beat down by the police upon his exit from the house.
Look at the creep over there with the camera. Looks like a fucking predophile.
by Larry Tiita April 19, 2009

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Adult male perverts who frequents internet social networking sites in order to find young girl and boy victims (tweens).
Dude, I went on my little sister's MySpace last night and some web chester sent her a pic of his crank. Sick bastard.
by Larry Tiita April 19, 2009

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A woman who is either too self absorbed or feels her family name is superior to that of her spouse's, so she hyphenates her last name.
Jim is a sackless piece of crap. Can you believe she's keeping her name when they get married? Fucking hyphen-wife.
by Larry Tiita July 15, 2010

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