Adjective. Used in a context to describe something that is "above and beyond" or "top of the line"; a person, place or thing which is penultimate in it's own category.
"That Ferrari is fucking COCAINE!"

"Last year's spring break trip to Mexico was COCAINE!"

"This hamburger is COCAINE"

"Goddamn she's got a COCAINE ass."
by Hebert October 31, 2006
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The worst and best drug in the world.... Feels great but the crash that always follows sucks!! Be careful and have control, don't be like me and spend 500 in a week. It makes u talk a lot and you'll probably annoy the shit out of your friends
Sober dude: Shut up your talkin too much
Cokehead: Sorry man I'm coked out! You wan't some?
Sober dude: I'll hit a line if it's Primo
Cokehead: It's some of the best cocaine around!! Pure White bro!
by BigBlaze September 08, 2010
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-So when am I getting cocaine ?
-Whenever you want it baby <3
by tacocat<3 March 03, 2017
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A drug that made Colombia famous. Known for totally fucking up your brain. Cocaine/coke/crack is preferred by the upper classes (just look at Paris Hilton) as a "party drug", but lately chavs who got lucky (i.e. Amy Winehouse) get absolutely wasted on it. Contrary to the drug dealer who's filling your nose with this shite, it's only around 10-40% cocaine, and 60-90% who the fuck knows.
Person 1: Whoah, look at her!
Person 2: OMG Amy Winehouse!
Person 1: Cocaine has really fucked her brain.
Amy Winehouse: Duh...(drools on her clothes)
by SkylineLover2k9 July 01, 2009
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is the best time ull ever have when combined with rids.
think of a person you know that is typically really annoying and immature, on cocaine you could potentilly invite them to take a trip to florida with you.. until you sober up, that is.
by doneitallbefore.. May 16, 2011
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