60 definitions by sux0r

Seriously fucked up marshmallow that's going to have sent me to psychotherapy for years.
1930s Homestar referring to Marshie: "That monster gone give me nightmares."
by sux0r February 03, 2008
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what bitchass cops do to drugdealers who are over the 100 million mark.
piglet: "if this sting goes according to plan! i'll be upgraded to petty officer!"
by sux0r October 12, 2003
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A dangerous territory or "turf" that one (or a few) is/are currently in possession of. Should a hostile enter the vicinity of the stomping grounds, they will be stomped upon.
"Where I lounge is my stomping grounds."

"The bitch-ass violated my stomping grounds so I curbed him."
by sux0r September 06, 2003
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The most badass Saiyajin ever to walk the surfac of the Earth, Naamek, etc. The only worthwhile reason watch DBZ.
After Vegeta anally raped Goku, he spurted his Super Saiyajin cum in the fucker's eye.
by sux0r August 15, 2003
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(Adj.) Used to describe a playacting player, whose overly iced out, G'd up, rugged surface hides an individual who would snitch a true G out to the popo if just a little bit of C.O. pressure is applied.

(n.) A Suspect chin nigga who would miserably fail a chin check, or at least warrant uncertainty if said chin check comes to being for real, for real.
1) Thought my boy was straight was straight street 'til a weed charge got dropped while we was at the weed cypher and nigga turned suspect chin the second he saw the blue.

2) I hope that none of my homeboys turn suspect chin if a chin check is rolled out by some cloak-and-dagger cats in the unit.
by sux0r May 28, 2007
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1) To have been favored by the gods.

2) To destroy the punk-bitches using an iron microphone.

3) See definition 1.
"Unbalanced like elephants and ants on seesaws."
by sux0r September 08, 2003
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A weapon in first, third and second-type shooter games that blows entire scrotum-fulls of nutsacks.
Brass knuckles blow nutsacks. I don't even know why they put them in GTA. I want the chronoscepter, nigga.
by sux0r February 03, 2008
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