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Although Martha had a 30 point lead in the bluest of blue states, she lost the election. She has been coakleyed.
by ToBeCoakleyed January 19, 2010
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Being so confident of a victory that one completely ignores one's competitor, allowing the competitor to ram a red-hot steel crowbar up one's ass and seeing what one can drag out.
"How did Brown win the election?"
"Because Coakley got Coakleyed."

"Dude, that chick was totally into you, how'd she go home with that other guy?"
"I figured she wanted me and was paying too much attention to the pool game, and I got totally Coakleyed."
by Alex Brant-Zawadzki January 20, 2010
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"To Coakley": v. 1. to have a golden opportunity fall into your lap... and then proceed to shit all over it.
"I could've been accepted to Harvard Law, but I totally Coakleyed my application!"

"The job interview went well, but I Coakleyed myself by making a pass at the boss' wife!"
by WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot78 January 20, 2010
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When a candidate for public office calls herself a huge fan of the much-beloved local sports team, and then gives a radio interview where she states that a celebrated hero alumnus of the aforementioned team is a fan of the bitterly-hated rivalry team, thus costing herself countless votes from people who don't feel she's a true Masshole.
She really Coakleyed that election beyond any possible recovery when she called Curt Schilling a Yankees fan. She may be from Pittsfield, which is at the opposite end of the state from Boston, but that's no excuse . . . d'oh!
by klopek007 January 31, 2010
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To be out smarted, upstaged. By someone smarter than one's self. To be coakleyed...
You have just been (coakleyed) my friend.
by Cokely May 17, 2018
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