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Brit slang: A clumsy person.
You might want to move those lead crystal glasses as Tom is a right clut when he's stoned.
by Dan Fox July 15, 2003
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someone who tends to trip over nothing and everything.
Amanda is such a cluts, she triped over her own foot today at school. It was quite funny.
by Tyreshia and Laquesha July 26, 2008
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A "cuntish Lieutenant"... someone who is "brash". Has confidence but is rude as a general.
She's full of clut.
by DnBDuBzJunky July 29, 2017
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Clut, cross between a slut and a cunt.... if you're a girl and you're a clut.... your screwed
Emily is a clut, she has sex with all the guys in the class.
by moviemaker92 June 02, 2009
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