Brit slang: A clumsy person.
You might want to move those lead crystal glasses as Tom is a right clut when he's stoned.
by Dan Fox July 15, 2003
CLUT is an acronym for "Color Lookup Table"

It refers to a technique used in older hardware to display bitmaped images. Instead of storing the color in the pixel's memory location, a CLUT based system stores an index that refers to a table of component color values.CLUTs are also refered to as palettes.
Refer to the CLUT when programming colors for video games.
by Kopo January 11, 2006
the part of your body where your ass cheek meets your thigh.
don't be a whore, and wear shorts that show your clut.
by HellaManderr February 14, 2009
A well coiffed patch of hair above the lady bits extending down the sides like a long moustache.

A mullet mound.

Something that makes a clean shaven man look like Burt Reynolds if he went down on it.
"How do you wear it down there, girlfriend?"
"I have a clut."

"A few more months and I've got a clut."
by Stack E Buttress June 22, 2012
a play on words that combines the word craiglist and slut to describe a man or woman who places ads on craigslist frequently to hook up with anonomous sex partners.
Can you believe Sebastian had sex with four different men he met on craiglist last week. He is such a clut.
by Jake Dosilingo March 5, 2008
A word i made up that sounds dirty. Also used aropund your parents, when you want to say Cunt, but instead you can use clut. Because its not bad.
You Clut!

Your mom is a clut.

TOuch my clut.
by Puds Hater December 13, 2005
- noun
1. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous, yet classy.
Because he can enjoy sexual promiscuity without feeling like a lover of sluts, Martin enjoys associating with cluts.
by Miss Jordy January 16, 2007