A gaping vagina, resembling a cavern. Typically disgusting and lacking hygiene. A clut can also refer to the female who possesses it.
I can't believe you went clut spelunking last night!

If she doesn't shut up I'm going to smack that clut.

The only way she gets off is with a clutmallet.
by Bo Monte-Carlo September 06, 2009
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This is where a girls vagina has had plenty of use in the past, now it has gone rusty from not getting any action.
Daisy was brilliant back in the day, but her rust clut is putting me off.
by Where's olly September 06, 2017
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Is a coastal dwelling where whores use A jacuzzi to clean out their teethy vaginas after a heavy night.
Grandma Margaret asked “Where is Nat, Dani, Jodie and Pete?”
Grandapa Ken replied “They’re still cleaning out their twats in the Slut Clut Hut!”
by 19o8 November 05, 2018
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When you want to to be ganged banged by big black men in the ass aka Anal
Shelbie:I can’t wait to get banged by the “gorilla clut

Blake: What’s that

Shelbie: Big black guys aka the gorillas
by Baddieshiiii May 03, 2021
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A person who is a cunt and a slut.
That aggy ass bitch James is such a clut.
by AJSC97 May 28, 2018
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When one blows a cloud of vape so intensely they ejaculate soon after; simply put, a cloud nut.
Since Jack learned to clut when he vapes, he hasn't worn a single pair of pants without a stain.

Sam, you can't clut in here, you'll set off the fire alarm and stain the bed!
by BigFella1411 August 25, 2019
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