A lesbian slut, specifically one who craves cunt.
Teddy: Would you do Marsha?
Jefferson: Uh... I thought she was a lesbian.
Teddy: No, she's just a slut.
Jefferson: No, she may be a slut, but she is still a lesbian.
Teddy: So she likes vagina?
Jefferson: Or cunts, if you prefer.
Teddy: Friggin' clut.
by Dizzlebizzle12234 September 25, 2010
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A clut is what I call, a slut and a cunt. It's used for the lazy internet language fags. So, instead of, "You're a slut, you cunt." You type, "YOU CLUT!" and people will respond with "A clut?" and you say, "Yeah, what your mom is." So, they will have to type up, www.urbandictionary.com to come look for the word. :
"I wanna bone this girl, but my man said she's a clut. I hate cluts. -Frowns.-"

"Your mom is such a clut, man."

by Michael (Blue) Rotondo May 20, 2007
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A "cuntish Lieutenant"... someone who is "brash". Has confidence but is rude as a general.
She's full of clut.
by DnBDuBzJunky July 29, 2017
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A well coiffed patch of hair above the lady bits extending down the sides like a long moustache.

A mullet mound.

Something that makes a clean shaven man look like Burt Reynolds if he went down on it.
"How do you wear it down there, girlfriend?"
"I have a clut."

"A few more months and I've got a clut."
by Stack E Buttress June 22, 2012
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Man 1: Yea she even swallows.

Man 2: man she sounds like a real CLUT
by Bijan S June 23, 2013
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a play on words that combines the word craiglist and slut to describe a man or woman who places ads on craigslist frequently to hook up with anonomous sex partners.
Can you believe Sebastian had sex with four different men he met on craiglist last week. He is such a clut.
by Jake Dosilingo March 05, 2008
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