someone who is alwyas goin to the club
whos at the club-----just the normal club rats
by Keltic January 2, 2006
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Kid who frequents clubs for the music, dancing, drinks, drugs, sex, etc. Possibly under-age and possibly using a fake ID. Related to the mall rat, but cooler.
Nyla was a total club rat in high school -- spent every night out dancing, and never got carded.
by toe-b November 2, 2006
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1. A girl that is addicted to being at the club.
2. A girl that spends most of the weekday and weekends at the club.
3. A girl that's always at the club and pimp's stupid guys for drinks then walks away like she never knew them.
Girl: Hey where's Sarah.
Boy: At the club, as usual.
Girl: Damn that girls a club rat.
by TxStar22 December 17, 2006
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A person (contrary to popular belief, can be a member of either sex) who regularly frequents the discothèque. Can often be seen posing, wearing the latest trends in clothing including shirts with lame, bold slogans & wearing sunglasses inside & at night, handing out club discount entry passes so they can brag about being a promoter, attempting to sneak into the VIP area & gurning their face off from munching too many disco biscuits.
Robert: Look at John over there...what a disgrace! Hes such a filthy club rat.

Shirley: Yeah its OK to not go to the club for one week! Is that a girls shirt from Supre that hes wearing?
by El_Messy November 18, 2008
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A woman Hoe or Scandelous woman that hangs out and or goes to clubs All the time. While in the club they can be found in or trying to get into the V.I.P sections hustling free drinks or gifts.
Hey how was the club last night, any new honies there? Nah man just the same old CLUB RATS that were there earlier in the week
by DMH79 September 17, 2005
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Club rats are those FIT girls walking back into the freshman dorms on 27th street with faux fur and short skirts around 2am/3am. You can also find them coming back into the dorms sometime during the morning in their same club outfit, with their makeup still on point.
*me and friend waiting for insomnia cookies at 2am*
Friend: Hey look the club rats are coming back.
by jackboxpartygames November 20, 2019
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A species of rodent that likes to frequent clubs and bars.

Environment: Dark places with flashing colored or strobe lights.

Temperament: Enjoys attention, receiving compliments, can be annoying at times, wears low and high cut clothing, enjoys dancing with members of the same or opposite sex.

Movement: Likes grinding and dancing on poles or other objects that attract attention.
Greg: What are you doing tonight?
Angela: Going to the club
Greg: Again? You just went the past few nights
Angela: I know but I just can't get enough of it
Greg: You're an American Club Rat
by GJoeWilliams October 1, 2009
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