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A beautiful girls name of Arabic origin. Said to be defined as 3 different things:
Nyla - Winner
Nyla - Cloud Princess
Nyla - Beautiful Dreamer

Pronunciation: Nie-lah

Nyla's are said to get very mad when their name is incorrectly pronounced, but normally, they are very happy, kind, sweet, funny, popular girls with lots of friends who get a lot of attention from boys. Nyla's are gorgeous, but they don't know it, and they are very down-to-earth and intelligent.
'Yo dude, I just snagged myself a Nyla! We gonna be going at it alllllll night!'
'Dude, respect her. She's a Nyla, not a toy.'


'Who's that new girl?'
'Oh, she's a Nyla.'
'Oh, duh! That would explain why she's so popular already!'
by The Little Writer September 12, 2015
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Awesome girl with a banging body.Smartest person you will ever meet.Drop dead gorgeous.Amazing at every sport you can think of.She will change your mind, and thoughts.Don't mess with her because if you make her mad someone else will get her.She is the bangest,awesomess,person you will ever meet.
"Yo you dating Nyla"
'Yeah why'
"Make sure you treat her right she is talented"
"Why what will happen"
'Someone else will get that sexy little than'
by Aliya Steven March 01, 2017
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The sweetest, bipolar,and weirdest person you could ever met.She talks to a lot of boys ,might cheat on you if you don't treat her right,and is usually mixed raced .She also is a faithful and down to earth person .
Nyla is my spirit animal.
by heyitsthegirlummwhat'shername January 28, 2017
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I beautiful girl. She will steal your man. Make her mad she will never talk to u again of she reaches the breaking point. Wonderful kisser and warm ass lips. Slim thic to the max. Wonderful style. Light brown eyes in the sunlight. Soft skin. Very thick hair. Boys you will regret not going out with her just because shes younger. Nyla is forever and has cake. She is tall.
Boy:u know nyla

Boy2: yea i know her i dated alusha instead of her just becuase shes a year younger than me.

Boy: sucks for u shes my girlfriend now qnd her lips are fire.
by Exploiter13 August 03, 2017
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Boy 1- Look at that gorgeous girl over there
Boy 2- She must be a Nyla
by xnikkix May 27, 2017
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Nyla is a very beautiful smart kind loving girl with a big heart. She has a very big butt and a smile just as big . She often gets mad when she's disrespected and she will most definitely snap on you. Nyla is special if you have one don't lose her or you'll be missing out.
Damnnnn she's beautiful must be a Nyla ... Someone's lucky asf
by Mglizzy April 15, 2018
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Beautiful but doesn't know it, has multiple boyfriends, big butt, warm smile, great dancer(on stage and in bed)
by Sabrina Jones June 22, 2017
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