In short it is how you act.

Are you an personality, an introvert? An extrovert?

Scientist have actually made a chart to rate people on based off of the following activity level, regularity of sleeping and eating patterns, initial reaction, adaptability, intensity of emotion, mood, distractibility, persistence and attention span, and sensory sensitivity.

there are five temperaments:

sanguine- quick, impulsive,. fun-loving extrovert. Sociabal. Needs to include and be close to others, but unlike the Choleric, the Sanguine genuinely likes being around people just for the sake of socialization. The Sanguine also "swings" between both control and dependency. Driving need is driven by the need for attention, and tries to sell himself through his charm, and accepts others before they can reject him. His self esteem crashes if he is nevertheless rejected. Yet, he will regain the confidence to keep trying to impress others.

Phlegmatic- They are peaceful and agreeable. Phlegmatic is not an extream extrovert, nor extreamly serious; he is not an extream introverted, nor extreamly relationship-oriented. Thus the Phlegmatic (which was even once defined by critics as the absence of temperament), is capable of interaction with people, but overall, can "take them or leave them". Drive: lack of a driving need becomes his driving need: to protect his low energy reserve.

Choleric-quick expressions of anger extroversion and seriousness. A Choleric, however, is an extroverted "leader"-type who, in the area of control, has a high need to control others, but a low tolerance of others controlling him. He also has a high need to include or be close to others, but a low level of "responsiveness" (used as another term for "wanted" behavior) to them. He tends to be a "user", and only relates to people according to his own terms, which are usually goal-oriented sees other people as tools to be used

Melancholy- response sustained at length, if not, seemingly, permanently. build up anger slowly, silently, before exploding introversion and seriousness. A Melancholy tends to be an introverted loner, and in the area of "control" such a person would exhibit a low need to control others, and also have a low tolerance of control by others. In the areas of inclusion and affection, such people would display a low need to include or be close to others, and a low need to be included by others. driving need: fear of rejection and/or the unknown. He has a low self esteem and figuring that others do not like him, he rejects them first before they reject him

Supine- the serving temperament the Supine “feels” that their only value is to serve others. Supines like and need people; however, they have a fear of rejection and do not initiate. Supines are identified by strengths, such as a desire to serve, liking people, and having a gentle spirit. Their weaknesses include expecting others to read their mind (indirect behavior), harboring anger as "hurt feelings," and feelings of powerlessness. They are generally open to receiving affection, but have trouble initiating. needy" for acceptance (or control) from people, yet less able to initiate and express this need to them than the Phlegmatic. Supines are often frustrated because they expect people to know they want interaction, low energy reserve, which causes overall sluggishness, stubbornness, indifference, and a "dry, wry humor" does generally have a lot of fear. has low self esteem, Driving need: but is driven to try to gain acceptance by liking and serving others
Your brother has the temperament of your text boox emo! He just ran upstairs in tears 'cause the dog steped on the reset button on the wii!!

Gawd! Those little hellions I was babysetting have the temperamant of an early Hannibal Lector!
by Mrs. Devereaux July 11, 2009
Refers to a noisy/voluminous outburst of frazzled-nerved emotion involving watercolors, either emanating from a creator/observer of a messy spill/soiling involving said paint, or the resulting preposterous canvas-creation (think, abstract art) when the "genius painter" supposedly experiences a "creative epiphany" and totally "goes wild" with his colors in an effort to supposedly illustrate his inspirations, emotions, Heavenly-based vision, etc.
Old-school art-critic: I can't believe that the TV auction actually sold that hideous tempera tantrum for several million dollars --- first of all, who in his right mind would even WANT that confusing monstrosity slapped up on his parlor-wall to stare at night and day, anyway?? And second, why should anyone want to actually BUY something like that, when it's nothing special and exhibits absolutely zero talent? Why, I'm no artist, but I could easily create something like that myself in under five minutes just by splashing some paint around and callin' it good! Zheeeeeesh....!!
by QuacksO December 12, 2017