The 1st famous skateboarder; he achieved the 900 & toured for many years. His son Riley Hawk skateboards too. There's video games of him & his skateboarding!
When Tony Hawk came to town on tour, it was So Thrilling to get the opportunity to see him & his skills in person! Bam Margera of Jackass fame was there too!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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Nickname: "Chairman of the Board." Started his career out with skateboarding and even made his own company; Birdhouse skateboards and 900 films. Vert skater, goofy, and created over 50 skate tricks used today and the technique vert skaters use today to catch air: Ollieing off coping instead of early-grabbing. He's also a household name thanks to the Tony Hawk video game series.
Tony Hawk's video "The End." was cool. I love his boards and I think after I skate a while, I'll go play his game.
by London Wilson March 12, 2005
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A skateboarder who is undoubtedly the most popular today, and often called the best. Has invented many tricks and has influenced an entire generation of skateboarders. A major part of his sucsess is down to his best-selling video games.
Tony Hawk did a 900 at the skate show yesterday.
by Antony November 2, 2005
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Birdman. Great skater that appears in various skating events, CKY movies, Jackass, Viva la Bam, and video games.
"It's bad enough that she(April Margera) has to come home to her house destroyed but she's got Birdman here taking pictures of it!"- Ryan Dunn, Viva la Bam
by Lindsey February 2, 2004
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When liquid feces becomes pasted along the rim of a toilet. Similar physics of the brown matter are seen with Tony's wicket skateboarding moves back in the late 1990's. Not to be confused with the "upper-decker" (crapping in the tank) or the "ground-rule double" (crapping on the seat and letting the poop fall in).
College student: I ate some Taco Bell, some magic mushrooms, and a bunch of other garbage then pulled a Tony Hawk on the shitter. In retrospect, it was real bad case of the green apple slatters.
by Jeff Lars December 9, 2007
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A very popular skateboarder.
People usually use him when they know nothing about skateboarding, and want to sound like they do.
Person 1: Hey, I'm I love skateboarding. Tony hawk is AMAZING!!!

Person 2: So, show me that ollie you were going to do.
by NeonGhost March 1, 2014
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A sexual act involving anal sex where one tells the receiver that they have A.I.D.S. Upon the receiver learning of this, the giver rides away on a skateboard.
That bitch was chasing after me when I tony Hawked her.
by the joe December 18, 2004
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