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1. "Bayshore" or "Bayside" in Japanese.
2. The name of the highway or route B in Tokyo, Japan used by a street racing club called MidNight Club in the 1990s as an illegal expressway racing course to use top speed challenges and street races. Located in the intersection of Route K11, K9 and K5 of the Shuto-Expressway.
The manga/anime Wangan Midnight is based on the Shuto-Expressways showing the races between Akio Asakura and Tatsuya Shima racing on the Bayshore route.

Games such as Shutokou Battle (Tokyo Xtreme Racer in the US) and Wangan Midnight including the arcade versions are also based on the Shuto-Expressway. The player can battle opponents on the Wangan in the SP battle or point to point races.

Wallace: Did you see the Akuma Zetto at the Wangan last night?
Me: No, what about it?
Wallace: The driver is fast. I bet you can't beat him with your IS350.
Me: Oh yeah? Just watch me and I'll prove that I'm the fastest in the Kanjou line.
Wallace: Your car won't do any good in the Wangan anyways, and yet, his car is lighter than yours.
Me: Aiya...
by JofunuChan August 09, 2007
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A highway in japan, known for the top speed runs that take place there.

A style of racing.
That guy in the Top secret Supra hit 280 km/h on that last wangan run!
by VR-4ever December 04, 2003
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The art of getting onto highways in heavily modified vehicles and racing either endurance or certain length's. Extremly popular in Japan with one highway in a circle formation, where 500+ HP vehicles go out and tear up the highway all the time. Harder to do in America due to the police actualy caring about Street Racing.
Damn man, my bro in Japan boosted his Supra to 1000 and got 350 KM/H on his Wangan run, but the police helicopter always chases after me when I do it in New York!
by Kenny April 04, 2005
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