Someone who is very angre because people writes his name with a C instead of a K
Yo Viktor that K you got there is kinda hot
by Cock_Sucker_Balls_Now September 4, 2020
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(noun) a russian name meaning one who is a winner or victorious. Vicky for short, a wonderful guy to have in your life. he is worth every moment of your time because he's the most amazing, caring, gentle and kind hearted person you will ever know. He is a strong person and is as his name suggests always the victorious one. He loves his friends and family, and adores his pets. Fond of nature, the magic in life, laughing, smiling and making people happy. His favorite past times include sport, writing magic and helping people see the truth through the haze. A stunning man and beautiful inside and outside. Always hold on to his hand, never let him go.
wow who is that wonderful guy? isn't he lovely?

i know right... he's amazing, he's viktor... the victorious. Vicky is the most caring person you will ever meet. keeper.
by June 15, 2010
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He is a real big Dick boy he have a 40cm dick he is also very rich he could even beat ksi in a boxing ring
Person1: omg I got banged by viktor last night

Person2: omg girl you so lucky he is so sexy and handsome
by Handsome Swede November 12, 2019
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The best fucker in the world, he has the largest dick of all time and is a legend in your bed.
by JoeMamaGayAf October 28, 2019
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A smol but seegggsy ass mother fucker
Boy: Like Viktor is so hot!!

Girl: But your like a guy so, like yea..

Boy: But hes to hot its worth it to be gay!

Girl: Okay but only if i can join the threesome..
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Great human!! He silly at times and VERY smart. By silly act drunk and like a hobo (even though he is not) Really cool. Likes to ride the ways. He is also very creative
Person 1: " dude look at that drunk dude"
person 2: "hes such a Viktor"
by Viktor April 11, 2017
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