To be clouted is to be hit or attacked quite heavily. It comes from the word clout, which also means to hit something hard. It can also mean you have a lot of money and respect, as clout has two meanings.
Tom: I just got bloody clouted by Jack
James: Looks like he's done some damage
by The Dank Meme September 7, 2018
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Really really drunk or high sometimes both like the spins.
"I was way beyond the spins at my brother party i was clouted man"

"Ya dude i heard you slept with that fat chick then too"

"What?!?! nobody told me this!"
by Comeau555 April 23, 2007
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Doing it for the clout means doing it for fame, attention or views.
Liltay does shit for the clout.
“Yeah it does hurt a lot but I did it for the clout.”
by Idoitfortheclout September 9, 2018
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Clout is being famous and having influence
Wow - Rice, Mitch, and Banks have hella clout
by CLOUTGANGG September 7, 2017
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Power, fame, money, influence, style, etc.
by A San August 17, 2017
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Issac- Damn i hope Jake Paul stays in 2017, all he wants is clout broooo
by ugli piece of poop January 15, 2018
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(noun) The quality of being influential; influence.

Origin: clout + ness
A marketing agency measures the cloutness of content creators to see how much influence they have on social media.
by Joswin April 6, 2017
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