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Melena is a smart, pretty, and creative girl. Melenas love adventures even if they dont know whats ahead and because of this melenas are often very athletic so watch out because she just might beat you on the football field or basketball court. melenas are ridiculously smart and stunning and a lot of guys have a small or secret crush on her. Its really easy to make friends with a melena because of her fun and quirky personality but she can be weird at times but don't worry if she is its a good weird but dont get on her bad side or else she will completely isolate you until you have shown you are truly sorry. Melenas are rare girls so if you know one you are lucky because a girl with a rare name like Melena is truly unique.
i have never seen anyone like her.....her name must be melena
by Jelena hatly November 27, 2018
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Melena is a beautiful girl. usually has brown/ black hair. Is super smart and is nice but can be the biggest bitch if you get on her bad side. so dont fuck with melena's. melena's are also very weird and funnny if you ever met one you must be pretty lucky. they are very rare to find.
Wow ! who's that girl? :o
must be a melena she's so beautiful:)
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She is creative and smart dirty blonde haired girl who is extremely intelligent and very musical she is beautiful and rare to find so if you meet one GO AND TALK TO HER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Because she’s a rare girl to find
How is she so smart she must be a melena
by Jelena hatly November 26, 2018
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