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A Maroon pill is someone who has a mix of both Blackpill and Redpill views. They often agree with some Blackpill views, however they usually can't fully agree with the bleak outcomes that the Blackpill believe in. The same can be applied to the Redpill. Maroon Pills often find the Redpill to be too optimistic.
Joe: I'm not sure the Redpill is for me anymore. I've tried everything and it ain't working out for me. However I don't agree fully with the Blackpill.

Dave: I guess you're a Maroon Pill then.
by The Dank Meme June 29, 2020
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A word commonly used by youths or roadmen in the United Kingdom. It translates to No Mate or Bro, 'g' typically means mate or bro, or whatever you'd call a close friend. It can be used in numerous situations and is typically used around a close friend.
Dave: Oi Cole g, you got any zoot on ya my g?

Cole: Nah g
by The Dank Meme July 10, 2018
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A word used to describe someone who looks like a tramp or a chav. Also used to describe a undesirable/bad area. Commonly used in the UK by 11-25 year olds.
Roadman: That girl is well nitty.
Roadman 2: Init, lives in a bare nitty area.
by The Dank Meme March 30, 2018
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A way Yorkshires say haven't or have not. It is used as the dialect and accent typically shorten down words for easier pronunciation due to way Yorkshires pronounce words. It is said with a Yorkshire Accent and is very easy to interpret when engaged in a conversation.
Dave: Ay-Up Dean, han't seen you round ere' in time
Dean: Aye, it's been a while!
by The Dank Meme July 16, 2019
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A slang used in Britain which is made up of Glasgow and Arsehole. The two are put together when describing someone who is strongly disliked, by an individual or perhaps group, from Glasgow, a city in Scotland.
Mike: Connor is such a glarsehole!
Dave: I agree, he is a typical glarsehole!
by The Dank Meme July 09, 2019
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An exhaust found on a typically shitty car owned by chavs, such as a Corsa B or a 2004 A3. They make a horrendous sound and make the driver look like a complete idiot.
Jon: Listen to the sound of this bad boy, just stuck it on my new Corsa B
Dom: That's fucking class that g, everybody is gonna be well jealous init
Dave: That fartcan sounds shite
by The Dank Meme November 09, 2018
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Someone who is interested in films and has a large collection of physical and/or digital copies. They may enjoy lots of different types of films, however they may be exclusively interested in one particular genre. Film buffs spend lots of their free time watching films and have a good knowledge on lots of films.
Dave: All's I do is catch Alex watching films, does he ever do anything else?
Mike: Alex is a film buff. It's his primary hobby.
by The Dank Meme July 04, 2019
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