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Someone who is unreceptive to new ideas or information.
John: "Have you heard the latest album by Pendulum?"
Chris: "I don't listen to that new electronic music, it's rubbish. The older stuff is where it's at!"
John: "You're a close minded fool."
by Nawguh September 22, 2008
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What people say when they really mean closed-minded.

Doors are open or closed, not open or close.

You wouldn't say "That door is close," you would say "That door is closed."

Closed-Minded is the correct way to say it.
Incorrect kid: "Dude, you're so close-minded!"

Sassy Kid: "My mind is close to what? My skull? Yeah."
by L0chnessa May 29, 2011
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1.Someone that does not try to view something in the opposite way. close-minded is when you beleive in something or in someone and your mind will stay closed to that beleive and will not even try to acknoledge it.
2. close-minded on religion or race is when you don't even try to understand. When you think that Allah is stupid or Shiva. And god and Jesus are the only dictators of the universe.
1. close-minded a. God what the fuck are we doing in Iraq bush is an idiot the democrats are so close-minded
b. Why are those people in the street trying to stop the war its obvious that bush is trying to help the iraqis that are opressed
2. "jews killed jesus" "dude thats so closed-minded"
by Victor Montemayor September 27, 2005
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Adjective used by some democrats to describe anyone who does not agree with liberal points of view.
Republican: "I think that the invasion of Iraq was perfectly justified."

Democrat: "Well, you're just too narrow-minded to see that liberals are always right about everything."

Me: "It would be easier to see what is right if you pulled your head out of your ass..."
by Jess July 06, 2005
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Any FFVII fanboys is close-minded
Normal person: There's no best game...
close-minded person: FFVII is the shit, it owns every other game in the world. Sephiroth owns all!
by Sabin Figaro March 12, 2007
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Someone who does not have the mental capacity to accept gender as something other than a dictionary definition.
by LiterallyMe August 13, 2014
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