Used to describe a detailed process or activity that proceeds without problems.
by mikwat October 9, 2004
someone who doesnt have the ability to control his/her actions. one who submits, and yes the greatest thing to ever come out of kings park
Holy fucking shit! ClockWork just ripped up the stage and made children bleed.
by g money June 4, 2003
Dude, that drunk chick just ruined my clockwork.
by Esch8 March 15, 2003
1.term used for "hustling"

2.winding your body in a clockwise motion (females)
"Now lemme see you get that block work rolling
Lemme see you get that clockwork going
Fiends copping by the clockwork flowing
All day and all night
Till them S.W.A.T. cops rolling
Or that clock stops going
Homie, get on the grind like clockwork
Two for five or a dime, that's clockwork
You ain't gettin off the hook that easy
Lemme see that clockwork
She said look that's easy
Move it around, and around, and around, and around like a clock chick
To the sound, of the sound, of the sound of the clock's
Shorty, move that behind like clockwork
And spin around to the sound of how the clock work

....If you gettin' money
That's clockwork
If you hustlin', that's clockwork" -Juelz Santana, Clockwork
by G L A M December 24, 2005
Artificial soldiers created by the Nazi Empire in the 1990s. The name derives from the managerie of gears located at the joins of the clockworks. Look like rusty skeletons, with haunting, emerald green eyes.
Thousands of clockworks stormed the Reichspalace in Berlin in order to overthrown the Fuhrer.
by Shawn Farrell May 6, 2004
Adjective. Dealer term used to describe a person who regularly purchases buds in small quantities, rarely, if ever, picking up weight. Therefore, costing the custy more money in the long run, and after a long period of continued clockwork-like activity, annoying the dealer as well.
Timely Custy: *knock knock knock*

Dealer: Yo man, you hear a knock at the door?

Dealer's roomate: Yeah...must be 6:30, clockwork is here.

Dealer: Oh, I'll go get a gram out then.
by Joe Squirk March 25, 2007
The physical, mental and spiritual state one finds themselves in after attending a Clockwork Orange event. Feelings of love, unity, joy, exhaustion, confusion, happiness, memory loss, happiness, incontinence, friendship, the uncontrollable urge to do it all again!
Whats wrong with Dave?

He went to a Clockwork Orange event.

Yeah he's totally Clockworked.

You know when you've been Clockworked.
by Scott Swarm June 23, 2022