A dependable friend (much like the dog Clifford, from the children's book "Clifford The Big Red Dog"). Someone who gets to the point quickly (much like Cliff Notes, a series of study guides to explain complex literary works). A beer drinker (much like Cliff Clavin, a character from the TV series "Cheers"). A family man (much like Cliff Huxtable, a character from the TV series "The Cosby Show"). A protector (much like the security company "CLIFFORD").
That guy Cliff really is dependable, he saved us there with his notes, we finished studying so early we went out for beers after.
by cjmatrix February 04, 2010
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Noun- Internet stalker, usually socially inept, self loathing and physically unattractive, a Cliff is a patient voyeur who uses information gained online on their target, who may even show up places they know they may see the person, and take notes...they will wait until they can hopefully establish a friendship and trust online before presenting themselves in person knowing that they will be rejected and shunned as their whole lives have been met with rejection.

Verb: To Cliff, to watch a stranger wanting to know them, and taking Notes in ways of saved photos from social media, listing their likes, music interests, anything they may use to seem familiar and compatible with their target.
1. The Cliff was finally arrested for harassment and assault after months of stalking an unknowing victim of his years of watching her, studying her.

I am concerned about someone who has recently started messagIng me on Twitter. He seems to have too many similar interests, and I suspect he’s a Cliff.

2. Sarah was Cliffed for 5 years before she met him and realized they never met at the party where he claimed meeting her. Immediately, upon seeing him she knew she was Cliffed, and blocked him from her online accounts and never took his calls again.

There is no way to find safety when you’ve been royally Cliffed. These people are sick fucks who truly have a delusional take on reality. Never take for granted your safety and protect yourself when you know you’ve been Cliffed.

Lance said he will never be Cliffed again after dealing with a stalking lunatic he met once in person after chatting with for months online. He realizes that you can’t know someone unless you spend time with them. Being Cliffed is a nightmare.
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by TigerNinja November 25, 2017
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A place where the ground abruptly drops many feet. Also called a "precipice". Imagine it like this: --*-_ You are the asterik, and the drop from - to _ is at least your height, if not many times that.
Abe: Hey jack! Jack!!
Jack: what?
Abe: there's a cliff!!!
Jack: a what?
Abe: A CLIFF!! Don't look at me! Look in front of you!!!
Jack: WHAT???
by Physh September 18, 2005
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Great person cool layed back not talkative weird name though But his cool and sometimes funny also this is not that many cliff there’s Clifford but not cliff guess it’s a rare name to come across
Yeah I Know cliffin real life his a little weird sometimes
by Chaos November 24, 2018
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To end abruptly in the middle of something, like an instant message or conversation. Very annoying, especially if it happens often.
-ing , -s, -ed
"Don't get distracted and cliff me."

"Everytime I get in a conversation with Wormy he keeps cliffing me!"

"He cliffs IMs at any given moment."

Wormy: Yeah so this dog got hit by a car today...
Dara: Omg how retarded! Is he still alive?
Dara: .... hello?
Dara: WORMY???
Dara: goddang it, i got cliffed again.
by Darathinas October 05, 2006
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To be a complete and total douchebag. A jerk or very rude individual.
My boyfriend wouldn't stop being a Cliff last night.
by Bone Marrow January 14, 2009
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A man with an unusually awesome mustache. Revered, but also despised due to jealousy caused by inferior facial hair.
Did you see that guys mustache?

Yeah, he's a total Cliff.
by Fire Tech September 12, 2019
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