The bestest damn game player in the world. Ph33r teh ubah Revered!
A.K.A. Logan Tyrus
Have you met Revered? He teh sexeh!
by Nick Lanng January 25, 2004
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A great respect and deep admiration for. To revere. An emotional regard and sincere loyalty towards. Used in a religious way often. A reverence for. To bow your head.
As the surfer approached the shore line, he stopped and stood still for a moment. Before the gigantic pounding waves of the ocean, there was a sincere and devout reverence for the sea. "It is a humbling feeling, to be here." He thought...
by makingthingsfit April 1, 2013
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A city outside of Boston, MA where a majority of people have their own style of the Boston accent. Many people outside of Revere think that everyone in Revere has an accent, which is false.
Where are you from? "I'm reveahhhh kehdddd!"

Translation: "I am from Revere kid!"
by Paul Revere III February 26, 2013
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Best fuckin city in the world. A city on the east-coast of Massachusetts
(connected to EAST BOSTON)
I'm from Revere, are you?
by some polak September 23, 2004
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The dumb ass hill gold team makes recruits run up. The hill that makes them feel all warm inside.
My recruits injured themselves during the reverence run.
by RunningIsDumb November 10, 2020
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