I small guy with a huge 20 foot dick he is so nice he is a little bit of a ass hole some times his best friend would kill I kid he is super athletic and he is insanely fast and good a sports if you meet a cliff you would love to be his friend girls are all over he is all over him
(Girl) Hea is the a cliff

(Other girl) ya he so hot
by Five four six three October 10, 2019
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The guy was sucking the cliff , and he exploded his load all over his face .
by Beefcake 1991 February 22, 2018
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Cliff is a kind and caring form of a alien like dog that is drawn on a piece of paper, although he isn’t real, he brings love and affection into people’s hearts around the world. He was created on a piece of paper in a school book, but he is still spoken about on this day.
Mike: Look at that cool design on that paper
Ell : oh yeh that’s cool
Mike: you don’t see many artistic designs like that these days, that must be a cliff.
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by Aabbcceedd September 10, 2018
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1.) (noun)

An ancient German name meaning “the sound of a horses hooves on pavement” (E.g.: Kliff Kloff)

Men of this namesake tend to be highly intelligent, hard working, funny, and extremely good looking.

Cliffs always have many glowing attributes, however they are commonly born with the inability to spot a shit tosser. This can cause them stress throughout life, as they are constantly under the threat of being in the blast zone.

You can typically find a Cliff watching the movie White Squall, or in their backyard practicing karate kicks and yelling “Yee-Haw Mother F-ckers!”

If you have seen or know a Cliff, consider yourself very lucky. If you can call a Cliff your friend, consider yourself even luckier.

2. (noun)

A dangerous place to walk blind-folded.
That dude is top notch. He must be a Cliff.
by Rexella Flipcup, Esquire April 13, 2019
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