Someone that is sheltered from modern society by being from the sticks.
Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies is a country bumpkin.
by LB March 31, 2004
A hardworking person who lives outside town and speaks with a long, soft Southern drawl.
And I said "Hello country bumpkin, how's the frost out on the pumpkin? I've seen some sights and man you're something. Where'd you come from country bumpkin?"
by Dylanv March 13, 2006
A word often used by a person outside the southern region to define people from the South
"You from Tennessee?? So you a country bumpkin."
by EyeA March 31, 2004
- someone usually from the midwest, whom lives in a small town but does not live on a farm and do all that labor. usually on the poorer side.. but have a very posative view on life.

- a kid whom has grown up in a small town of the midwest , whom moves away for a bit, but always comes back to the home town. usually for the familiarity of it all
-umm myself and others from the small iowa town we live in
by jugga_lizzle November 19, 2004
big bellied, long haired, untrimmed bearded, fat-so that works at a factory 1/2 the year, laid off the rest of the time. Spends his evenings eating dinner on a TV tray watching TV in the front room. His unemployed wife's 3 kids, with 3 different daddies, eating dinner with their hands in the kitchen. Leaving the dirty dishes to pile up in the sink until they run out, or until she has time to rinse them off. Has many rusty vehicles surrounding the house, but only one runs.
My ex-husband is a country bumpkin.
by zookeeper January 15, 2005
a person who is usually from the south, maybe the houston area, that wears countryesque plaid shirts and horse boots
me: jurphy, you are the definition of a country bumpkin
jurphy: fuck you, get off me
me: i was never on you... dork
by the perch September 17, 2011
Contrary to modern belief a country bumpkin can, in fact, spell and they are also articulate members of society.
Also, there ARE female members of this discriminated against group. The females are usually hotter than any other female from any other race/group and once aquiring the male that they chose for life never lose him because they are simply the best at what they every possible sense of the phrase. :-)
Average dude that managed to get a bumpkin female: My woman is the best that I ever had or could ever hope to have.
Average dude stuck with average girl: My chick is so fucking superficial. She can't cook, clean, articulate or put out decent sex.
Average dude that managed to get a bumpkin female: Sucks to be you man....I got to go get some from my girl. Later.
by countrybumkin April 15, 2005