An immature youtuber with mature humor. He usually plays ROBLOX but will try other games too. He is hilarious and will make you laugh till you shit.
girl Robloxian: get out of my car !
albertsstuff: Why?
Girl Robloxian: i need to do stuff...
albertsstuff: You need to do alberts stuff if you know what i mean...
by Keanu93817 March 08, 2017
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A YouTuber who deserves as many subs as DanTDM!
He hilariously voice overs ROBLOX, a Lego-like game.
Usually joined by his best friend Jake (Jayingee) or Lana, his girlfriend.
Created the "my son Samuel" craze on Frappe (game).
Me: I love AlbertsStuff so much! He's solo funny!
Them: Same!
Me: Do you like Jake?
Them: NO HE SUCKS!!1!
by OddAndEvie July 10, 2017
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our savior, our god, our roblox messiah
this one girl: dimaaa
by Kosmical November 25, 2017
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A fallen hero because of YouTube demonization. But if you rewatch him you will laugh.
Fan: Ah man Albertsstuff hasn’t posted in a year.
Fan 2: Well say thanks to YouTube
by masterofluck11251 December 16, 2018
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Albertsstuff (also known as flamingo or Albert ) is a roblox youtuber who changed channels cause he used to curse and didn’t make any ad revenue from YouTube he changed to a channel called flamingo which is very popular now. Anyways his old channel was very funny but I’m not mad that he changed it because his new channel is funny anyways
Dude albertsstuff’s last video was so funny.
by dumb meme's September 09, 2020
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A awesome youtuber who creates content on a game called Roblox and is also still chill
Wow, I heard Albertsstuff created a meme!
by Mr DefonitionGuy April 27, 2019
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