prevent scoring from the opposite team
ter Stegen had made some great save to have a clean sheet
by brucehan October 22, 2019
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After a heavy night out, when you drank the pub dry you wake up go to the toilet, wipe your arse and the sheets clean,(didnt even touch the sides)!
Woah i just wiped my arse and its a clean sheet
by shaunus1234 September 28, 2006
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When you leave your friends to go have dirty sex with some guy I don't even know.
I have clean sheets and need to get some sex on them, I'll see you later.
by slut tits May 27, 2004
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Sheets that are meant to be dirtied!
Harley: Babe, I am making the bed with the clean sheets so fuck off.
Jax: Why would I do that? You know those sheets need to be dirtied and you need to be broken in for the day. So…Want to fuck?
by Um…Yeah, I do this for fun! December 1, 2021
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When you wash your sheets and wait till the very last minute the dryer cycle is done just to be able to get those warm, crispy puppies back on the bed, to have the cosiest sleep you'll have all week.
I could smell the dainty laundry detergent airing off the clean, crisp bed sheets I just washed. My Sundays are shit, but nothing beats my Sunday nights because it's clean sheet night.

Gavin: hey man, wanna go for beers after work?
Mort: nah way man! It's clean sheet night!
by srirachalover666 October 24, 2014
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Often when Wednesdays get ruint due to cramp occurring in a centre-halves leg just after half time, as a result of this, the team often go home after conceding 3 or more.
Forget clean sheet wednesdays gaffa my legs cramping up just after the half. A true pussy who decides to ruin clean sheet wednesdays due to a lack of fitness

This can often be seen in very shit players who have no intention of helping their team.
by doggirlsareunderrated January 22, 2020
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something you wont have after you have sex
oh shit man what happened with ur clean bed sheets!?” “i had sex withh ur mom
by tartagliasjuicyballs March 27, 2022
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