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The zone even further out then the 'friend zone'. You are the ultimate friend, 'pretty much like my brother!'. This can apply to women as well, that of being in the 'sister zone'. Once you're in one of these zones though, it's best to come to the realization that you only make out of one zone. Brother zone - moves up to friend zone - friend zone sometimes can move past and become that of a dating partner (when lucky).
Matt: Why are you always hanging with Alicia, why don't you ask her out already?
Dan: Can't man. I'm in the brother zone.
Matt: Crikey!!
by srirachalover666 November 25, 2014
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When you wash your sheets and wait till the very last minute the dryer cycle is done just to be able to get those warm, crispy puppies back on the bed, to have the cosiest sleep you'll have all week.
I could smell the dainty laundry detergent airing off the clean, crisp bed sheets I just washed. My Sundays are shit, but nothing beats my Sunday nights because it's clean sheet night.

Gavin: hey man, wanna go for beers after work?
Mort: nah way man! It's clean sheet night!
by srirachalover666 October 24, 2014
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