Beautiful beyond imagination, a soul and heart of and angel,she has the grace of a swan, she would give you hope when there was once none, she will be a friend when no 1 else will, she could make you feel like the most loved person on earth, truly a gift from god, to know her is a privilege that should be granted to every one, because of her spirit she is a magnet for lost souls.

She would make you smile on your darkest day. Only god could have created some one as amazing as her
You know you love Tinu ;)
by Beautyindisguise October 14, 2018
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Tinus, aka Penis

Is used for a huge cock, when not erected, which stands out.
OMG look at that dude he has a Tinus. Dam how can that fit in his pants.
by BBillz February 03, 2010
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Tiny penis.

pronounced {tee-nuss}

yelled when people get random errections or if they actually have a 'tinus'

the word was created when walking down the road talking about someone who does and couldn't get it up
*usually talkative person sitting in maths very quietly*
*girl glances over notices something*
girl: HAAAAAAAA -insert name here- has a tinus

girl 1: i heard you spent the night at -insert name here-'s house! you guys get up to anything fun
girl 2: nah... we were going to but he has a tinus and he coodnt even get it up
*both giggle*
by u no hooo September 19, 2009
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A big dumb dumb, who constantly gets upset when people call him penis, Tennis, turns or tiny.
Usually very short and is disliked by the community
Omfg your so dumb, you must be a Tinus.
by Harry Pearson August 26, 2018
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There Is No Us.
Some of us (TINU) think that urban dictionary rocks.
by Peter February 11, 2004
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