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1. Tha pimp version of santa clause. Pimpa-clause getz down with his "ho ho ho's".

Pimpa-clause ALWAYS wears baggy red sweatpants. He raps pimpmas raps like "oh pimpmas weed, oh pimpmas weed!"

Pimpa-clause lives in da south pole. He getz busy and gives bitches presents and snows on their faces!!

He has a giant pole! It locates where his pitched tent is!

Pimpa clause has 2 lists, "tha good ho ho ho's" and he has tha list of tha naughty "WHORE-ible ho's!"

So when you hear a "ho ho ho", go spread some love and wish all a "Merry PimpmASS!"

2. Pimpa-clause is also what I call myself for fun cuz itz funny to say. I go around da school yellin "ho ho ho" all da time!

"Ho ho ho" I'm pimpa-clause!

This is "WHORE-ible!"

Have a merry PimpmASS.

Pimpa-clause, and RUDEoff da big-cock RainDEAR!

FUCK frosty da pervert!
by Mattnificent 425 December 22, 2008
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