Tom: I for one believe in maximum civil liberty and economic freedom. I quite fancy that idea. Indeed, yes.

Julie: So.. you're a libertarian?

Tom: Quite. Although I prefer to be labeled a 'classical liberal.'

Julie: Fancy.
by WomperWompWompy April 9, 2014
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A conservative trying to peddle his same old bullshit under a hipper, less-tarnished branding.

See also: the "Comcast to Xfinity" strategy.
"I'm a classical liberal. That's why I worship Trump, hate niggers, jews, and gays, and think the invisible hand of the free market is a benevolent divine force that'll solve all my problems."
by botjaj April 6, 2019
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a political philosophy perpetuating free-market economics, minimalist government, strong private property rights, non-interventionism, government disinvolvement in social issues, separation of church and state, and open borders. the word "liberal" was originally associated with these beliefs, but liberals eventually started promoting large government, closed markets, redistribution of wealth, and high government involvement in social issues. today, liberal is associated with the latter qualities. the newer liberals are sometimes identified as neo-liberals. in modern day, a classical liberal tends to self-identify as a libertarian, and the term classical liberal is used much less than it was 100-200 years ago. some libertarian causes, like the Mises institute, still commonly use the term.
harry, who perpetuates classical liberalism, votes either republican or libertarian.
by toSTONEiGO March 20, 2012
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People who steal other words to become more recorgnized. They then accuse modern liberalism of stealing their word.
1. Hi, I'm a classic liberal, but I'll call myself a libertarian even though I know the origins of the word come from anti-capitalists

2. Hello, it's me again, the classic liberal. This time I'm gonna call myself an "anarcho-capitalism", because anarchism is cool and I love capitalism. I'm also oblivious to the fact that anarchism generally rejects capitalism and that "anarcho-capitalism" is actually an oxymoron.
by Insaniac82 April 30, 2008
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A conservative, usually encountered on the internet, who won't cop to being a conservative, and wants to be thought of as progressive when they haven't a single progressive stance.
"I believe in small government and capitalism, hate abortion and voting rights, but I'm a classic liberal."
by aveobelle June 27, 2021
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Those who want true freedom and don't want to harm anyone nor want government dictating their lives.
Phoney "modern" liberals stole this name in order to sound like they have a just cause, which of course is not true.
Classic Liberals are trying to make things a better place. Some people now call them Conservatives, but they aren't always the stuff starched shirt types.
Modern "liberals" are evil people who belong to groups like NAMBLA.
by Just saying the truth October 9, 2003
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The term classical liberalism has often been applied in retrospect to distinguish earlier 19th-century liberalism from social liberalism.
Social-liberals have nothing in common with 19th century liberalism. They took this word,that's why we have to call ourselves classic liberal .
by LonelyCowboy August 18, 2019
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