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To deny a claim in one breath only to then rationalize/justify the claim in the next breath.
A form of gaslighting and applied doublethink in an argument for the sake of deception.
Person A: Jews are the most overrepresented group in Ivy League university enrollment.
Person B: That's not true. That is an antisemitic canard. Jews are exceptional people and have a high IQ, so it's no wonder they get into the Ivy Leagues more than others.
Person A: Did you just deny and justify my claim simultaneously?
Person B: What? No. You're hallucinating. Goodbye.
by WomperWompWompy July 13, 2023
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A silhouetted demon that stalks you during sleep paralysis. Distinguished by its bizarre wearing of a fedora hat.
Last night, I had a sleep paralysis episode. I felt pressure on my chest and opened my eyes to see hatman standing by my bedside.
by WomperWompWompy June 27, 2023
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A man who simultaneously hates women yet derives all his self-worth from women liking him. A walking contradiction. Both incels and fuckboys fall into this category, the only difference being the amount of gash they find.
Chad Douchebro mainly gets his self-esteem from women liking him, yet he treats them like shit and thinks they're stupid. He's a gynocentric misogynist.
by WomperWompWompy July 8, 2023
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Cringeworthy climate change statements, initiatives, and propaganda.
Often using the words "combat", "tackle", "impact", and "sustainable".
Did you see the recent climate cringe from the King of England?
by WomperWompWompy September 27, 2023
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Dishonest interpretation.
To deliberately misinterpret information or rules out of intellectual dishonesty.
The lawyer disinterpreted the law to the court so they would acquit his guilty client.
by WomperWompWompy February 23, 2023
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A person who wears a face mask in public despite the Covid-19 pandemic being over.
It's the year 2030, and Ricky is still wearing a mask for Covid reasons. Ricky is a maskfag.
by WomperWompWompy April 28, 2023
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