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A moment when a person becomes so aggrivated by the unique absurdities that they are subjected to, they begin to laugh and act crazy.
Michael is a good kid. But today he was cheated on by his fiance, fired from his low paying job, and got mugged while walking home. When he discovered that I had accidentally broke his computer, he began laughing like a madman and started throwing chairs into the walls. He was having a joker moment.
by WomperWompWompy September 12, 2019
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Tom: I for one believe in maximum civil liberty and economic freedom. I quite fancy that idea. Indeed, yes.

Julie: So.. you're a libertarian?

Tom: Quite. Although I prefer to be labeled a 'classical liberal.'

Julie: Fancy.
by WomperWompWompy April 9, 2014
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Pop music in which the vocalist (usually female) sings in an inarticulate and baby-like manner.
Billie Eilish sings babble pop:

Why shur no red
Mah bluhdeenoze
Slee pin
Yer hon hyur tipeetoze
Cree pin
Uhhrownd like no one knows
Think yer so criminoh
by WomperWompWompy February 1, 2020
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When someone makes pitched vocalizations when they're yawning.
After walking up this morning, I accidentally woke up my wife with my loud yawn song.
by WomperWompWompy December 4, 2019
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