Every time i see her she puts on this phoney accent, it drives me crazy.
by matt March 17, 2004
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Someone who is on their phone while you are talking to them and they pretend to be apart of the conversation
Person 1" hey who's your favorite football player?"
Phoney "uh huh"
by Winterϟϟ April 18, 2018
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An intentional misspelling of "Phony" meant as a derogatory term for people who check their phones too much.
Dude quit being such a phoney.
by jebeebles October 8, 2012
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That thingy you talk into.
The phoney thing was ringing so I picked it up and talked to it.
by PhoneyThingy January 30, 2009
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1. An item that is not genuine.
2. A person that does not have genuine intentions.
3. no-getter. See definition after the link.
The no-getter is so phoney, he acts one way around his friends, then is so mean to his real family.

Tom bought a phoney Playstation 2.

The high-society woman is a phoney, as she really grew up in a trailer park.
by darkstar67 May 3, 2005
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A complimentary term, that can only be said in a certain way for it to work. But most people can't pull it off.
Originated by a character from the television show "Seinfeld"
"Did you see that Michael Jordan? He's so phoney!"
by darkabove April 30, 2005
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During Season 3 of Seinfeld in the episode entitled, "The Parking Space", Kramer's friend tells Kramer that Jerry Seinfeld is phoney. To cover up his mistake, he confronts Jerry by saying that phoney is like cool, such as the analogy bad:cool.
"Man that Michael Jordan is so phoney!"
by Jeff Smith January 9, 2005
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