a slam, usually from skateboarding, directly on the hip. the hip will then swell and become inflated with a water-like substance, leading it to feel like a balloon. extremely painful and often debilitating for a few days. hippers take a notoriously long time to heal and often lie dormant, waiting for the next slight unexpected tap to flare up.

treatment: rest, TV, THC
"i went for a backside 50 in the deep end and fell from the coping to the flat. now my hipper's back and my sesh is done today."
by Dr3wfromJ3rsey July 21, 2010
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cross between hippie and hipster. basically a hipster that is not pretentious and still shows a general love for hippie things like the environment and classic rock.
look that guy is a total hipper.
by yans May 18, 2007
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"Don't worry about game scurity, I brought a hipper."
by climax February 19, 2005
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Unusually large, untamed patch of female pubic hair.
"she had a hipper in the shape of texas"
by mr beal January 19, 2004
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noun, a pager worn on your hip to recieve text and numeric pages.
I'll be out dog, if yau want to talk just hit me on my hipper.
by cheecher August 8, 2005
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Verb. World of Warships
Kiting around the back of a map being useless to the team.

Winning a pointless 1v1 while losing the battle for a team.
Not to be confused with effective kiting- this variant is to a fault.
-There goes our cruiser hippering away from the fight.
-Really wish our radar Cruiser was in here spotting Destroyers instead of hippering around the back of the map.
-Our team on my side of the map crumbled so I didn’t really have any options but to start hippering away.
by Illustratedgamer December 2, 2020
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An alcoholic drink taken before going out to the party or bars
Old drunk: What say a little hipper-dipper?

Shakey: You pour.
by Dr. Foo July 11, 2008
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