Confidential Informant; Any individual under the direction of a police officer who furnishes information about criminal activity with or without compensation; works under direction of the department; different from other concerned citizens or complainants not working under department direction and not party to the investigation itself.
My CI places you and your homies at the Quickie Mart last night when the shootings occured.
by inane5 February 13, 2005
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Black guy: "Yo, you got a extra C.I.?"
Me: "I'm sorry, what?"
BG: "a CI, Man! A cigarette"
Me: "Oh yeah sure. *I give him one*"
BG: "Much appreciated, famer!"
Me: *confused*
by Bran Nieboer September 15, 2005
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Abreviation for the television show Law & Order Criminal Intent staring Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.
Kathryn Erbe plays the sarcastic detective, Alex Eames on CI.
by bensonfey February 6, 2005
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CI is the acronym for Christian Identity. It has been proven that men who practice Christian Identity are ass clowns and basically creepy.
No, I'm talking about the other guy, the one who is a creepy CI.
by poptartgurl June 27, 2011
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Short for "Christian Identity" or "Identity Christianity". CI is racialized Christianity, which basically professes that the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel are Europeans, especially those in the British Isles, while the Jews are a rejected people.
CI argues that the Old Testament is not "Jewish".

Read your Bible, and you will realize that the Jews are not exactly the "Chosen".
by lil' ol' nigger hatin' me August 24, 2006
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Coney Island -
a coastal locality near Downpatrick, Co. Down in the north of Ireland.
CI is close to Ardglass. Van Morrison wrote the lyrics of a song about
CI and naturally he used the correct name Coney Island.
by CriostoirHulme August 14, 2005
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An IM acronym for "Cubical Intrusion." It lets the other person you're chatting with know that you've been interrupted by someone walking into your cube or personal space at work.
Me: Did you ever talk to Rob? I heard he's thinking of giving his notice on Monday

Maria: CI

Sorry, I'm back. It was that d-bag
John. He's been bugging me all
by M.&M. December 5, 2008
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