you know you are Serbian when...
1. you are strangely taller than all your friends know that you are misunderstood by like the entire world

3. You say opa when you really mean to say yay

4. You can write in two different ways

5. you are the only person on the entire planet that suffers from the epidemic called "promaja"...a.k.a extreme wind paranoia

6. u go swimming in rivers that your American friends call gross or unswimmable...but you do it anyway cus thats how you roll

7.your best friend is a Russian

8. you are strangely attracted to boys that can kolo or boys that can "break"

9. your checkbones are wider than everyone elses hang out with your Greek friend nd attack suspicous Turkish-looking people from across the street with your squirt gun

11. If you laugh at your own hilarious jokes that noone else gets

12. you go to Finland and people think that you are African

13. Ana Ivanovic is your idol

14. futbol means war

15. you think its strange that your Croation nighbors say bog (god) as a greeting

16. your parents say your gonna "die" if you dont go to a good school

17. you are nocturnal

18. you kiss more than an Italian

19. When you always have to compare prices with everything at the store.

20. you know where to go for a fun,hot and CHEAP night life that wouldnt make you broke

21. you can shake "sta toja mama gave ya"

22. you can make a pita

23. you have an urge to help out people who have never skiied before

24. you invite your two friends over and cook enough food for an entire army...then when you serve them food and they say its enough you quickly give them more and say "ohh just a little bit more!"

25. you know how to "feed" your guests

26. you are always carpooling or inviting guests over when they dont know where to go

27. you can never get lost even if they put u in a village in the center of Romania

28. you know the real way to spell "Belgrade"

29. When you use your entire wage to buy something for someone who invited you for lunch

30. when people ask "do you know that guy with the accordian?"

31. when "its your way or the highway"

32. If you own a frula

34. you go to the beach and you end up flashing everyone at the end...

33. if you have a beach house in montenegro

34. the boys dont neccessarily know what exactly you are but they cant stop staring...

35. when your friends joke about drinking alcohol you say "OK!!!"...but you really mean it...

36. When you jump on people and they yell "im getting mobbed by a Serbian" even though that usually wouldnt happen...

37.If you are the only white person on the court that can play basketball

38. Ako razumes sta kasem!
by sheknowswhatshesdoing March 10, 2008
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The coolest people ever. They make the best beer and food. And the best at Sports. (even more than Russia) Every other country that surrounds them steals their culture and blames them for everything. (They are all just jealous.)
That Serbian man can kick your scrawny Polish ass.
by Charmouche February 23, 2018
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Serbians are mostly all very tall and skinny.
But also like to eat our meats :P

They are very proud of thier country

Also mostly all there last names end with- vic
"Whoah You tall !"
" Yea i know Im Serbian "
by AnnaSerbian July 11, 2008
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The greatest and most superior race on the face if this planet Earth.

Ways To Identify a Serbian:
1) They LOVE their country.
2) Kosovo je SRBIJA.
3) They have the biggest sandwiches at school.
4) They love their baba.
5) Cevapi.
Joe: Yo, that new dude, Djordje, must be Serbian.
Mike: Why do you say that?
Joe: Look at the size of his sandwich!
by TheCoolSerbian April 20, 2008
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Serbian people have been constantly fighting for thier existence against hostile countrys that surrounded it. People that are also widely misunderstood as a bad guy and the western media just shows over the tv how serbs are always "killing" innocent people, in croatia and bosnia.
The fall of Srebrenica was used as an excuse for NATO savage bombing of Bosnian Serbs and all-out ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Krajina (Croatia). The Serbs who survived Hitler are now - again - free to be slaughtered and cleansed. Only two weeks after Srebrenica, American trained Croat Nazis cleanse 250,000 Serbs from Krajina thus achieving their Nazi goal of forming ethnically "pure" Croat state.
The basic facts carefully avoided by
Western media: Srebrenica(famous for the "massacre" in 1995 by serb forces) was founded by the Orthodox Serbs many centuries ago. Not one family was Muslim for centuries. It was not until the 15th cuenturie when the ottomen empire took over bosnia was then converted to islam. A year before the West decides to use Srebrenica as their key propaganda lie, the Serbs publish a book "The Chronicle of Our Cemetery" which clearly shows who the victim in Srebrenica and the surrounding villages is. The Serbs suffered genocidal onslaught by their Muslim neighbors. In this book, journalist and author Milivoje Ivanisevic documents all the details. Western experts dig far and wide in desperate attempt to find a cover for "mass murder" story. The activity only proves that Srebrenica was one big hoax. In Srebrenica At least 3,227 Serbs were murdered or have died after horrible torture in concentration camps in the Srebrenica district during 1992 - 1995 time period. The torture and murder was perpetrated by Bosnian Muslims. Belgrade based Research Center collected substantial documentation on Srebrenica Muslim war crimes.
During the war in bosnia Srebrenica did not fall once to the serbs(july 1995) but three times.
1) April 19, 1992 - Srebrenica falls to the Serbs for the first time. Srebrenica Muslims promise not to fight and offer their weapon. The Serbs trust them and offer autonomy in return. Only days later, though, the Muslims under leadership of Naser Oric, a cop turn war criminal, not only renege on the promise given - they start slaughtering Serbian civilians. The Islamic terrorists do it in their traditional, bestial fashion.
2) April 18, 1993 - After whole year of struggle and suffering where the West was supporting Bosnian Muslim side few different ways, the Serbs manage to militarily take over Srebrenica for the second time. With only tiny core of Srebrenica still under Muslim control, NATO countries threaten to carpet-bomb Bosnian Serbs if they do not withdraw. The Serbs agree but only under condition that peace be guaranteed to the region. The Muslims should disarm. All sides: Muslim, Serb and U.N. (i.e. NATO) representatives sign 11 point agreement that conforms to the Serbian demand. Srebrenica - the first "safe area" is born. NATO forces (in U.N. uniforms) are to disarm their Muslim proxy - but they renege on the agreement. U.S. secretly arms Bosnian Muslims. Srebrenica terrorists are now free to continue their atrocities against the Serbs. Islamic terror is under NATO protection.
3) July 12, 1995 - In order to convert NATO from defense force into a World Policeman the Western governments are ready to wage all out war against the Serbian people. But first they need a good excuse. They need a holocaust story. Clinton's Administration tells Islam fundamentalist leader of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, that at least 5,000 Muslims should die. The two set Srebrenica as a trap. Naser Oric, leader of Srebrenica criminals, provokes the Serbs for the last time and then secretly withdraws with his close followers. The remaining Srebrenica Muslim forces are now without leadership. They battle among themselves whether they should oppose imminent Serb attack - or simply surrender. Most of them decide to leave their women and children and try suicidal break through thick Serbian defence lines - all the way to the next territory under Muslim control which is miles away. This insane strategy exacts heavy price. Great! The West gets its excuse. The World Policeman is born. God gives NATO right to control the Earth.
The aftermath of this story is no surprise. NATO airplanes are followed by NATO troops and large NATO bases. Bosnia is but a colony conquered. The lie about "Bosnian Serb mass-execution of Srebrenica men and boys" is revamped whenever the West is to tie their screws tighter on the conquered but rebellious Bosnian Serb population. Despite years of digging and lack of any material evidence to the atrocious claim - entire Bosnian Serb leadership (both military and political branch) is declared to be "war criminals." The intention is to decapitate and subdue the Serbian people. The side effect is utmost racism that denied one whole people the very right to exist. In other words the West conducts genocidal policy against the Orthodox Christian Serbs in Krajina, in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Central Serbia.
It is high crime that the Serbs who settled in Bosnia in 7th century and who formed all the towns and villages through and through (including Srebrenica) are now denied the right to exist on the lands where their forefathers did for more than millennia. That is true crime.
by CrnaStrela September 6, 2005
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Overrated asf Dey all ugly
“Damn you see dat Serbian Eva playin Tennis”-Ricky
“Yeah definitely a 3 star”-Jimmy
by Jim rad bees wax December 4, 2018
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Serbians = the most beautiful people on earth. albanians and croats hatin..bitches plz u wish u were serb!
Serbians are gods.
Serbians are hot.
Serbians kick ass.
by SerbianSweetie August 9, 2004
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