a 'game' popular with Frat Boys where a group of them stand in a circle & masterbate in a contest until the last one to ejaculate loses. Similar to a Wet Toast Party but without the bread
Are Circle Jerks gay? No, not if you're a Frat boy and practice Date Rape
by Baβ€˜al ZebΓ»b August 05, 2005
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you could have 3 cases here
either your gay and its for the pleasure- and every guy gets together for a fun filled night of mutal masturbation

your drunk off your ass- looking at porn after a hard night and theres about 5 guys

or your 11 years old and you dont know the meaning of masturbation so you experiment with your friends
GAY MAN:oH my god like theres a circle jerk tonight like NO WAYY?

drunk man: ha ha dude.......... im so fuckingg.....ha hornyy right now... porn im gonna look at some.

11 year old: oh my goodness i heard tommy that big 11th grader talking about cum and jerking off? should we try?
by Taylor Lewis May 19, 2005
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the act of 3 or more males standing in a circle jerking off
that bitch complained about her salad, so the chefs performed a circlejerk in the new one before bringing it back out
by paul d k February 11, 2008
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When you and your homies are hangin out and your all bored and horny.so,you all take off your clothes and jack-off your rock hard dicks together until you all bust those big fuckin loads.
Me and my homies were so fuckin horny we ended up having a circlejerk.
by 10"TITO March 22, 2008
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Someone who accelerates when entering a traffic circle to cut off other drivers travelling at normal speeds.
As grandma rolled into the roundabout, she had to slam the brakes to avoid hitting a circle jerk in a yellow BMW.
by Eric Maan September 03, 2009
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