The university is located in central Illinois across the towns of Champaign and Urbana. The school is well known for its academics, athletics, party scene, and school spirit. It is consistently ranked among the top universities in America in U.S. News and World Report. The university is commonly recognized for its exceptional engineering and business programs. It was also ranked the eighteenth best party school in the United States in 2009 by the Princeton Review. It is home to the largest Greek Community in the country with over 50 fraternities and 30 sororities. Alumni from the university are some of the most successful men and women in America, this includes Roger Ebert, the founders of YouTube, Deron Williams, and much more. Whether it is attending a Big Ten football game, going out to the bars, or chanting the famous I-L-L-I-N-I chant the students of this campus love their school.
My four years at the University of Illinois was the best experience of my life.

The University of Illinois is the greatest school in the Big Ten.
by Andy Roffer March 30, 2009
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a crappy team with no heart that relies on pure luck and paying the refs to call the game for them. Runners up to UNC a couple of year ago but got there by many cheap fouls which were never called in the arizona regional final game. Home of loud cocky fans who don't know when theyve lost or cheated and home of wannabe basketball players who can't play for shit.
University of Illinois paid the refs to let them beat Arizona, even after fouling channing frye.
by Lute Olson December 4, 2006
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UIC is an acronym: University Impossible to Complete! UIC is located at the Chicago campus of University of Illinois. (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for science/medical/technical majors. The exception is music/art history etc majors... majors for fun and to meet the pro bono humanities requirements). If you like a huge school that is too hard, UIC is the school for you!

I went to University of Illinois at Chicago to learn. Instead I got kicked out, the mission impossible song stuck in my head, and owe half of my future life earnings.
by max9823 August 8, 2011
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(UIC)An amazing downtown university experience with quality education, conveniently located for internships (...and concerts/ clubs/ shopping/ restaurants etc!). Living off campus with friends is less expensive, and perfect for inviting study groups, and of course throwing parties!

Home to the largest population of apparently friendly city pigeons who have the right of way on campus. Similarly, students jay walk into traffic any time they darn well please! There's no UIC football team... Chicago is sports PARADISE! Go Bulls, Da Bears, Cubs OR Sox, Blackhawks! There might be a UIC basketball team, but students generally don't care. There is also an AMAZING workout facility, but the majority of students are too busy to utilize it.

One of the most diverse universities in the world; aka 'University of Indians and Chinese'. This is true of both students and faculty. For example, UIC's world renowned Engineering researchers/professors are there because they speak the universal language of math, NOT because of needless qualifications such as being able to speak English fluently while giving lectures!

Chicago's such a great city, and UIC's an amazingly fun university experience because it's downtown. Parties in Chicago also consist of students from many other great universities in the city, such as DePaul/Loyola!
Q:What sports does University of Illinois at Chicago play?

A:Primarily flippy cup, quarters and beer pong!
by RexHex3 November 29, 2010
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A school often confused with the University of Chicago, an elite private university.

Like Penn State and UPenn, a wealthy and intelligent student body gets screwed over by the name of their college.
"So where did you go to school?"
"The University of Chicago."
"Sweet, me too! What fast food restaurant are you working at?"
"No, no, not the University of Illinois at Chicago. The University of Chicago. I got a degree in Economics there and now I'm making 120k a year on Wall Street."
"Oh. Would you like fries with that?"
by Corbin James M. July 2, 2006
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The university in Urbana and Champaign that is in the Big Ten. The U of I offers many great programs, but its greatest is the engineering program, which attracts students from all around the country.
I'm going to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Environmental Engineering.
by cpsmath October 31, 2004
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the institution of higher education, straddling the towns of Champaign and Urbana, IL, that is secretly controlled by the Coca-Cola conglomerate.
The soda machines at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are only filled with Coke products.
by beausourire522 December 1, 2004
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