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Chupa is a Brazilian Portuguese slang for "Suck it", twitted after Brazilian won FIFA Confederations Cup over USA by 3-2, in response to Ashton Kutcher.
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by fernandouser June 28, 2009
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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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a slang term for "suck it"
also has a motion using your thumb and index finger making a circle
and the other fingers straight up
bertoldo:shut up perra
raul:chupa (motion)
by perra1 March 06, 2011
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Spanish for sucking on or something suckable. Mostly candy. Also used as a sexual term for sucking dick, chocaha, or tetas
"Ay, mami! Chupame!"
by chocothunder September 02, 2004
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a filipino means to suck dick


the act of sucking ones dick in order to feel the sensation of a hard dick rubbing to ones tongue
hi! can i chupa you?
by chupaero June 09, 2003
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Brazillian form to say "suck it"
ItΒ΄s normally used to swear to rival supporters in a football match when their team fail.
by Fernando Canal February 05, 2007
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