Slang for penis in mexico and/or someone with a very low IQ. Usually used in place of someones first name to be made into an insult referring to them.
"Man, Pito Ashmore is being such a fag today!"
by Shank November 29, 2002
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The real meaning of pito in Spanish is a small flute or whistle. In some Latin American countries, pito is referred to as a rolled ciggarete such as a marijuana joint.
1. Al sonar el pito se termino el partido entre Chile y Argentina.

2. Let me hit that pito before it burns to a roach.
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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Eddie:"Man, I tore that shit up last night!"
Mo:"What?, With that little pito?!, Nigga Please!"
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
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a word that only certain people should be able to use...
PITO!!.....enough said
by aMaNda #11 May 26, 2004
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