An insignificant amount of money. Money that can be easily disposed with.
Don't worry about that million, its chump change.
by tt February 16, 2003
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Having little to no significant value.
(Broseph): Man... my girl just broke up with me.
(Bud): Who cares, that hoe was chump change anyways!
by Pay Day December 16, 2007
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The point about chump change, in the sense of money, is that the amount varies with the context. For the divorced papa paying child support, a job that pays $9 an hour offers chump change. For the 50-year-old laid off after 20 years' service, a severance package of $200,000 is chump change. What would count as chump change Cf. rounding off money.
I work 20 years for chump change and what do I get when I leave? Chump change.
by Buce September 25, 2005
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Loose change (currency) that a passenger in your car receives from a drive-in restaurant. They are obligated to leave the change in your vehicle.
Put the "chump change" in the center console. Its the least you can do - I'm driving beaatch!
by Shiznig August 16, 2005
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a BRoke ass man who cant get a job or has a low paying job and only make chump change
Damn that dude is making chump change
by jd February 19, 2005
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A decription of "nice" of a man by a woman.
Shawna called Dan "nice", he ain't nothing bu chump-change.
by John May 22, 2003
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A derogative term that is used to refer to someone (nearly always white) who is always getting schooled at one on one basketball. The term is always used in a derogative way.
Baller: c'mon chump change...forget your game?
Chump Change: huh?
Baller: Count it, chump change
Chump Change: Damn...stop calling me that, G
Baller: Nigga Please! You got NO UPS!
by Bert Bert July 23, 2005
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