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A nickname for your penis. Featured in the Will Ferrell movie 'Anchorman'.
Very Effective...Works everytime with the ladies...They can't get enough of "THE OCTAGON"...
"I know what you're asking yourself and the answer is yes. I have a nick name for my penis. Its called the Octagon, but I also nick named my testes - my left one is James Westfall and my right one is Doctor Kenneth Noisewater. You ladies play your cards right you just might get to meet the whole gang."
by Bert Bert September 05, 2005

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Your hook-up. The guy you know that hooks you up with all the coolest parties and knows EVERYONE.
Guy 1: Mohammed's my Huggy Bear
Guy 2: Yeah...what's going down Friday?
Guy 1: I will call, Moo... He'll know...
Guy 1: Starsky and Hutch had Huggy Bear, Bond had M and me and Stu have Moo!
by Bert Bert September 03, 2005

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A scale by which ugliness of an object is rated and can be used to compare the ugliness of two objects.
Internet pirate Maddox frequently uses this scale as a way of determining ugliness.
On the scale, a rating of 0 means least ugly, and a rating of Gary Busey means obnoxiously ugly.
For example, CNN's news anchor Rudi Bakhtiar would get a rating of 0 because she's super fine and a mere glance would result in nothing short of a medium-sized boner and a violent tossing session (despite the fact that she can't pronounce "Saddam")
Guy 1: "Man, that chicks at least an 8"
Guy 2: "WOOF!"
by Bert Bert July 18, 2005

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Wigga for "what is happening, homeboy?"
Guy 1: "Brett thinks he's black"
Guy 2: "That wigga is fucked up"
Guy 3: "word"
Brett: "What's crackalakin' homeslice?"
Guy 2: "Go home Brett, your not black"
Brett: "DAAAMN! Y'all been drinkin' haterade up in hear!"
by Bert Bert July 18, 2005

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five, formerly known as Channel 5, is the United Kingdom's fifth terrestrial TV Channel. The British frequency plan only allowed for four channels to be transmitted using analogue terrestrial transmitters, so it was very difficult to allocate frequencies for the new channel before its launch in March of 1997 – UHF channel 37 was allocated in many areas, which meant that large numbers of domestic videorecorders (which output on that channel) had to be retuned at the new company's expense.

Unlike the other four analogue British television channels, the channel cannot be received via analogue terrestrial broadcasts in many areas, notably the south coast of England, where the signal would otherwise interfere with signals from television stations in France. The channel is available on all digital platforms (Sky Television satellite, and Freeview digital terrestrial, and also most cable operators).

This has lead to the channel's nickname "Fuzzy Five" since it is impossible to recieve a good signal.
Guy 1: Hey, Blud...What you watchin' like?
Guy 2: Van Damme is on Fuzzy Five, innit?
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 1: Got Sky, blud?
Guy 2: No, blud. I ain't rich, like...
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 2: I only got 1, 2, 3, 4 and fuzzy five, innit...
Guy 1: Standard
by Bert Bert August 28, 2005

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If you happen to play the Time Crisis machine at Queensway arcade in London, England, there are always losers breathing down your neck and saying shit to you who either (A) Have no money to play the game (B) Just like to watch (C) Are genuine assholes (D) Can't be bothered to wait so they piss you off so you either quit or die (in the game). This has become a verb: "to Queensway" or "Queenswaying" for anyone who is bothering you and asking questions over and over again that you don't want to answer.
Guy 1: Yo, give me your number, blud...
Guy 2: Chill
Guy 1: Quit being a bitch, blud...Get your phone number, blud...This is proper rude, like...Hand over your number blud...I got a happy slap video to send you like...BLUD!
Guy 2: You are proper Queenswaying me, blud...Shut the fuck up
Guy 1: Oh, seen
by Bert Bert August 29, 2005

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Cheating on your girlfriend. Usually used as a secret code to other male friends when you pull a bird at the club and you are gonna get some.
Guy 1: Oi. is that Billy pulling that fit bird?!
Guy 2: Yeah, he's tashing on Shiela again...
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 1: Tim's given us the signal, he's tashing
Guys: OI OI! 'Aight Tim!
by Bert Bert September 03, 2005

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