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A Native American group from the Southwestern USA. They have different tribes such as, the Chiricahua, Mezcalero and Jicarilla. The Navajo were once an Apache tribe, till they broke away and became a distinct, separate group. Apaches were fierce warriors that were respected and hated by their enemies. Apaches still live in the Southwest and many still speak their languages and practice their traditions, but they aren't "wild Indians" living in the bush,lol. That's just in old John Wayne movies.
The Apache are part of the colorful, rich, Southwest history.
by jd February 12, 2005
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A condition which renders one unable to recall any knowledge pertaining to a certain subject just as they are about to write an exam.
Just as I was sitting down to write my English final, I was struck by a bad case of examnesia.
by jd January 26, 2004
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By far the stupidest team of all professional sports. Led by the biggest pussy, Mats Sundin, who has more gaps in his teeth than a picket fence and uses Gary Roberts penis as a toothpick. Alexander Mogilny looks on in jealousy. Their idiotic fans have been waiting 38 years for a Stanley Cup now. Meanwhile, Ottawa is slowly gaining more and more fans. CBC also rides on the Leafs' cock by showing their games, even on the west coast where people hate Ontario with a passion. Darcy Tucker is a jailhouse bitch.
The Maple Leafs traded Russ Courtnall for John Kordic. What a great deal!

The Maple Leafs like to trade their young prospects for broken old men.
by jd January 5, 2005
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A small town in West Texas. It is currently known for unusual UFO-like lights that appear in the area near the town. They have a festival on the first week of September called the Marfa Lights Festival. Scientists have recently bee moving to the area to study these unusual lights. James Dean's last movie was also filmed here and you can find James Dean paraphernalia there.
The Marfa Lights festival was fun and actually seening the weird lights creeped me out, in a cool way.
by jd February 12, 2005
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Comic book fan slang to describe someone who is overtly loyal to the Marvel Comics company to the point where they won't read anything else.
Don't try and describe Preacher to him he's just a Marvel Zombie
by jd January 3, 2005
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A word Italians use to refer to non-Italians.
They don't know how to make pizza. That's the metagones way.
by jd November 26, 2004
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