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When two pigs "pork" each other, they're makin bacon.
Those two pigs are rolling in the mud makin bacon.
by jd February 12, 2005
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sOMEone wit crabs ya heard- someon wit crabs
he got crabs, you see that
by jd February 22, 2005
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Slang for blurb. Dyslexics use it because they are mentally raped. eg. Jeremy.
I'm writing a blurd on video editing for our website.
by jd April 7, 2005
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Ugly rod shaped organ on a male. Hideous looking sexual organ, end looks like a mushroom. Also stinks like fish if not washed on a regular basis.
No women like to suck it - they just do to make the man happy, It really tastes like shit. a Hideous organ men should hide and should only beused in the dark for pleasure and not be shown.
Used for procreation, other than that worthless.
a mushroom'
a hideous looking sexual organ
tastes like a mixture of fish and salt
sometimes has sexual diseases
by jd February 19, 2005
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A hot chick who eludes to or is interested in sex with multiple partners, an orgy. A young female who's appearance and/ or behaviour lends itself to an orgy. Someone who looks beautiful but is nonetheless a slut, or who you wished was a slut.
Man, that chick that served me at McDonalds was an absolute ganger!
by jd March 29, 2005
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Those dumb villagers got raped by the insurance salesman.
by jd January 24, 2003
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