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a extremely beast person only found in a few places in the united states, chukas are usually african and are beast at skateboarding. They are athletic and are found hanging behind the school (not doing drugs) only to get caught by the bitchy school nurse. chukas are not easily angered but if you come across one that is angry get the fuck out of its way cuz it will go chubacca ninja stlye on you and kick your ass if you want to become friends with a chuka give it a peice of chocolate or say hi
me:hey chuka
chuka: hey bro whats up
me: nuthin dude did you go to the skate park last sunday this high schooler was shredding shit like it was swiss fuckin cheese
chuka:you got it on tape right
me:shit yyyyeeeeaaa
chuka:fuckk dude lets watch this shit

this is your everyday incounter with a wild chuka
by iampeople March 12, 2010
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Pronounced Choo-kuh

Term for a large, aftermarket muffler that is usually improperly installed on a vehicle
Check out that fucking chuka hanging off that Neon. It's crooked and looks like a bazooka... pretty cherry if you ask me
by watters September 27, 2010
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