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A racial slur referring to people of East Asian descent. Most commonly it is a shortened version of the term zipperhead, but may also have a seperate origin as Vietnam War slang, an acronym for "Zero Intelligence Potential", in reference to enemy combatants/civilians (of Southeast Asian descent) that were unlikely to provide any worthwhile intelligence information, ie: just kill them, no reason to interrogate them.
Veteran Joe: "Learn English ya got-dam zip!"
by PCone November 15, 2009
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A racial slur referring to people of East Asian descent, coined by US soldiers during the Korean War. There are multiple proposed origins, but the most commonly accepted is that it if enemy Asian soldiers were shot in the head with high-powered weapons, their heads would split as if they had been "unzipped". Another origin could be that when enemy soldiers were ran over by military Jeeps, there would be tire tracks on them that resembled zippers. It's violent origin makes it a particularly derogatory pejorative.

It is often shortened to zip, though zip as a racial pejorative may have separate origins of its own
Veteran Joe: "Those goddamn zipperheads are taking over our neighborhoods and stealing our jobs!"
by PCone November 15, 2009
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A derogatory term that in English usage refers to black children, or a caricature of them which is widely considered racist. The word is likely derived from the Portuguese pequenino (derived from pequeno, "little").

Pickaninny refers to oft-depicted physical stereotypes of young African slave or African American children: bulging eyes, unkempt hair, red lips and wide mouth into which they stuffed large slices of watermelon.

Today, use of the term by persons of any race in English speaking countries is seen as distasteful, though at one time it was used within African American families to refer to their children in an affectionate manner. Versions of the word are still used in some pidgin dialects, including Caribbean English, where it usually means "child" or "young'un"
Pickaninny (also, piccaninny): Before becoming the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson apologized for any offense caused by an article in which he sarcastically suggested that "the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies."
by PCone November 15, 2009
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Used in North America, to refer to an American Indian (Native American) who is "red on the outside, white on the inside". It is used primarily by other American Indians to indicate someone who has lost touch with their cultural identity, similar to terms such as banana and Oreo.
Dancing-Buffalo left the reservation, changed his name to Chris and stopped coming to powwows. He's an apple.
by PCone November 15, 2009
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A predominantly UK expression which originally was a children's literature character and type of black doll but which eventually became to be used as a jibe against people with dark skin (black people), most commonly Afro-Caribbeans.
Naomi Campbell reportedly assaulted a British Airways employee after he referred to her as a "Golliwog supermodel".
by PCone November 15, 2009
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A racial slur referring to people of Native American descent. It is based on the disproportionately high prevalence of alcoholism among Native Americans communities, and the resulting stereotypes of Native Americans as frequent consumers/abusers of alcohol.
Those chugs need to stay on the reservation, their stinkin up the town!
by PCone November 15, 2009
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a black person. Used most often in the UK, referring to the generalization that a common physical feature among black people is having "thick lips".
Look, thicklips, stop jiggabooing around and stay outta jail.
by PCone November 15, 2009
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