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chuckle: merely a manly giggle
mercury chuckled at ava due to her cuteness, mercury is manly.
by slothy- January 09, 2011
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the whale tail is the shape formed when a g-string rides up high over a womans trousers
oh my god look at that butt, her whale tail is showing so high!
by garv November 10, 2003
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A name you can call someone to let them know that you do not respect their opinion, and that you do not think much of their intelligence.
Guy #1: "I've got this great idea!"
Guy #2: "Sure you do, chuckles."
by bstokes June 12, 2006
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A girl giggles and a guy chuckles.

Dan chuckled at the sight of the loli anime schoolgirl on his computer screen falling down.
by AgentHetalia June 07, 2011
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the part of the pig between the tail and the anus, but at night the chucklehut becomes the laugh factory, and that's a comedy club.
I'll have the catfish po'boy with extra chuckle.
by Kenneth Ellen Parcell October 30, 2009
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The act of pretending that a joke that your friend or family member said was funny. While doing this you may let out a slight, quick laugh to be kind.
"I felt so bad for my dad at the dinner party. He kept on saying these shallow jokes that weren't funny at all. All I could do was just chuckle."
by WeGotDemMaffs July 24, 2017
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